Sneak Peak Trailer of ‘Shōjo Tsubaki The Movie’ Out- Takeru Of SuG Gives His All In A Shocking Scene As Kanabun

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'I threw myself into the character, and thought of how Mr. Goosebumps would be if he was a real man' - (Takeru)

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 This just in. Exclusive details from the live action film adaptation of Suehiro Maruo’s cult manga series Shōjo Tsubaki are here. The news include photo shots of Takeru, vocalist of the band SuG in some sexy scenes, plus an exhilarating and provocative video clip that are now available. 

 The Shōjo Tsubaki manga series was first published in 1984, and since then there have been many attempts to capture the exciting and extreme world of Shōjo Tsubaki on film. However, this project proved to be a challenge, and over 30 years of various trials and experiments, the vision of creating a live-action film were starting to become a distant dream.

 However, in spite of that, Director Torico, known for the short film Migakagami which won various awards at film festivals in Montreal and other countries, has successfully made a live-action adaptation film for the manga series. This new project has created a lot of buzz among girls in their late teens to women in their late twenties, and is the latest hot topic in social media including Twitter and Instagram.

 The live-action film pushes many boundaries and involves many elements from the original work, causing it to be the main reason for getting the R-15 rating. A particular scene that the fans are talking about involves Takeru, lead vocalist for Visual Band SuG who plays the young and handsome Kanabun.

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     Exclusive images that are shared are moments from a scene where in order to help the circus, Kanabun is forced to sell his body to a person of great influence. The performances by both actors depict the innuendo and raw emotions in that scene.


    At the greeting event, Takeru himself shared that when they filmed that scene, the actor playing Mr. Goosebumps (Torihada-san) approached the scene like any man would going into that kind of situation.

     Additionally, they stayed faithful to the original work by keeping the famous scene where Kanabun gets his eyeball licked by the leader, Koichiro Arashi. With all the imagery and artistic elements used to create this bizarre world, it’s a film you definitely will want to check.


Plans for showing the film at Cinemart Shinuju have been postponed, and it’s been confirmed that the movie will be screening at Shimokitazawa Tollywood starting June 11th, 2016. Plus, the movie is scheduled to show in Sapporo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, and Yokohama as well.

Curious to see what the movie’s about? Then check out the closest movie theater and find out.


     Shōjo Tsubaki – the movie

     Roadshow : Screening in movie theaters nationwide.
 ※starting June 11th, 2016 at Shimokitazawa Tollywood and other cinemas nationwide.

     Website :

     Staff :
     Director・screenplay : TORICO
     Original work : Suehiro Maruo ‘Shōjo Tsubaki’ (Seirin Kougeisha)
     Production : Makoto Furutoshidai, Noboru Kashiwagi, Shinpei Okuda
     Executive producer : Shinichiro Maeda
     Producer : Dai Horikoshi
     Distributor : Link Lights
     Advertisement : Freeman・Office
     Shooting : Takeshi Sone
     Art : Kenichi Sasaki
     Art design・director : Tadaya Miyashita
     Costume design : Kumiko Takeda
     Music : Hitomi Kuroishi
     Theme song : ‘Anata no ko jinta’ by Charan-Po-Rantan (avex trax)

     Cast :
     Risa Nakamura, Shunsuke Kazama, Misaki Morino, Takeru (SuG), Daichi Saeki, Motoki Fukami, Akihiro Nakatani

     Story :
     Deserted by her father, Midori (Risa Nakamura) is left to care for her sick mother. With no one to help them, Midori starts selling flowers to find means to take care of her mother, until one day she comes home to find her mother dead. Left all on her own, Midori is taken in by the Koichiro Arashi, the leader of a circus.

     Touring the area, the group of eclectic people in the circus are: Akaza, with amazing superhuman strength, the extremely handsome Kanabun, along with a snake charmer, a talented performer who only uses their feet, and a foreigner are just a few who make up this bizarre group of individuals. Faced with abuse and bullying, Midori braves through humiliation each day in her new life in the circus.

     When one day, a man with hypnotic skills who goes by the name Wonder Masamitsu joins the circus as a new member. Seeing how Midori is treated poorly, he takes sympathy over Midori and she gradually begins to open her heart to him.

     Word spreads about Wonder Masamitsu and his hypnotic talent, and the circus gains more attraction. But as his popularity grows, so does the jealously among the other circus members, causing them to bully Midori even more. The tension escalates as Wonder Masamitsu sees this, angering him even more and ends up killing one of the members. Frightened by this sight, Midori tries to flee, but. . . you’ll have to watch the movie to find out what happens next!

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