‘Renta! 2D weddings’ is your chance to marry your favorite characters

2016.04.01 <PASH! PLUS+>

Register now for marriage with your favorite Renta! character♪

Renta! 2D Wedding

     Starting on April 1st, 2016, Renta!, the multi-device supported e-book rental site, is
holding a special two-dimensional love event, called Koikatsu Renta!. This is part three of 2D wedding by Renta!★. Make sure to get the inside scoop at: http://renta.papy.co.jp/

     Now that it’s been released, let’s take a closer look into how to play it…

     [How to play (from their release)]
     Today is your wedding day! You can’t help but be filled with butterflies in your stomach. The time has come for you to decide your life partner. Who will you be spending your whole life with ── ?


     Select the gender of the person you want as your life partner. Then, Renta!’s hottest characters will come to greet you 

     Look through the various profiles and when you find the right one, click on ‘Send a marriage registration’ button.


     Enter ‘your name’ and ‘vows’ and once those are filled out, submit your marriage registration. Now you can finally start your happy married life with your 2D partner.

     If your proposal gets accepted, your partner will share their thoughts about your newly-married life…

     So? What are you waiting for? Get happily married through Renta!


     2D Wedding by Renta!

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