‘Kimikoe Auditions’ Looking for their Newest Female Voice Actor Stars

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Naoyuki Ito, Hiroshi Shimizu, Yohei Kizara to participate as guest judges

©2016 Kimikoe project

     Kimikoe Auditions are looking for new talent. Ever dreamed of becoming a voice actress? Well now’s your chance to see if you have a future in
voice acting! Tohokushinsha Film Corporation’s recruiting project called, Kimikoe Project~supported by Family Theaters is a now hosting auditions for voice actors known as Kimikoe Auditions from March 1, 2016 .

     Eligible applicants are women aged 14-25 year old.  The successful candidates will not only get a contract with Tohokushinsha Film Corporation but will also have opportunities to appear on television, magazines, performing in anime, as well as participating in various other exciting events and projects.

     Director Naoyuki Itō, who has directed animations like ‘Overload’, and Dokidoki! Prettycure The Movie – Memories for the Future, Music director Shimizu Yoji who has directed Lupin The Third-The new TV series and Aquarion Logos, and Producer Yohei Kisara who has produced Love Life! (μ’s).  Ohaya Ayaka will participate as judges on this show.

     We have received comments from all the judges. Please have a look!

     ●Animation Director:  Naoyuki Ito
     I am looking for someone who has that star-quality, who will stand out and make a breakthrough in their career.

     The work of a voice actor is relatively done in a short period of time, and compared to the work that is invested in creating the animation, the voice actor must be able to put a lot of time and focus in that given time. Because time is so limited, the voice actor must be able to handle the pressure that may come with the job as well as take the responsibility of giving life to the animation project using their voice. In order for this to be accomplished, this requires experience,  skills and technique, and mental strength. We are looking for someone who can give us a performance that will not only convince the staff of their capability but be able to also capture the viewer and audience.

     ●Music Director:  Shimizu Yoji
     You are the off-stage performer.

     When performing, you are able to see the performer’s good and bad points.  As a voice actor, it is about being vulnerable and willing to expose that side as well as constantly seeking within and challenging yourself as a performer. It is a job that requires risk but it is a journey that is worth taking risks. It is normal to be good at something and be bad at something. That’s what it means to be human but those are the things you can take with you as you search for the voice of your character and give it life. We are looking forward to finding that person who will be take the challenge with us.

     ●Producer Yohei Kisara
     It’s all about passion and human strength.

     I am looking for a person who has passion and is able to take on various forms of performing such as singing, acting, stage performance etc. I want someone who can portray a character and provide their passion to reach out to those watching.

     This audition will help choose a heroine for the new generation! For more details, check out the official website!


       Kimikoe Auditions


     Application period:  March 1, 2016 Tuesday to April 30, 2016 Saturday
     Eligible applicants:  Women 14 to 25 year old
     Judges: Naoyuki Ito, Hiroshi Shimizu, Yohei Kizara, etc.
     Prizes for successful candidates:
     ・Exclusive contract with an agency connected with “Tohokushinsha Film Corporation.”
     ・During the audition, professional training and lessons will be provided.
     ・If successful after the auditions, a group will be formed and there will be opportunities to appear
on TV, magazines, radio, and various other events.
     ・Appear in an original animation production created by Tohokushinsha.
     ・Singing debut with a major record label.
     ・From the beginning of the audition until your debut, you will have complete access to CS Family
Theaters and before your debut, you will be given the chance to appear on Regular Kanmuri Bangumi.

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