All Touken Danshi Are Lined-Up! 2nd Anniversary “Touken Ranbu -Honmaruhaku-” Private View Report


Veranda of “-Hanamaru-”, Mikazuki Munechika’s KAGEUCHI, costumes of “Musical Touken Ranbu” and a lot more to see!

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In January 6~15, 2017 “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” is holding a first official media mix compound event called “Touken Ranbu -Honmaruhaku-”. Now we are reporting the private view with some pictures!

 Here is the entering gate to “Honmaruhaku”. The mascot character “Konnosuke” has welcomed us press corps. Inside this curtain will be the world of “Touken Ranbu”! We first went into the ‘Room of Reception’.

In the ‘Room of Reception’, you can watch promotion videos of stage, musical and anime version of “Touken Ranbu”. Add to that, a new opening movie which will be packaging soon can be watched at this room.

Next room is called “Room of Golden Fusuma” and there are Touken Danshi on golden Fusuma, Japanese sliding screen, with a theme of four seasons. In this room, anywhere you see will be covered with Touken Danshi, including the starter swords. Also, you can enjoy the scent of four seasons. Please be satisfied of Touken Danshi with not only your eyes, but also with your nose!
honmaruhaku_20170105_009-250x100 honmaruhaku_20170105_sl

Ahead the Japanese styled corridor with screened windows and boarding floor, there is a “Room of Mikazuki Munechika”. In this room, you can see ‘Restored Mikazuki Munechika KAGE’ which is tempered by “Restoring Mikazuki Munechika’s innocence project”. This project was to restore the new ‘Innocent’ condition of Mikazuki Munechika. Also, you can look at the processes of how the sword was tempered. The displayed sword was still a prototype, but it appealed very strong! Please look at is in a close view.

The next room is called the ‘Room of Playact’. Here you can look at the costumes and panels of ‘Musical “Touken Ranbu” –Atsukashi-yama Ibun–’. Adding to that, the panels of casts and pictures of ‘Stage “Touken Ranbu” False Rumour ablaze of Honno-ji’ are also displayed here. This room can be really joyful to those who are fans of musical and stage of Touken Ranbu.
honmaruhaku_20170105_006-250x188 honmaruhaku_20170105_007-250x188 honmaruhaku_20170105_011-250x188

In the ‘Room of Anime’, there is a veranda from “Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-”. Here you can see panels of Yamatonokami Yasusada and Kashuu Kiyomitsu. Furthermore, there are some small articles which are seen in anime…! The veranda is also a photo stop, so why don’t you stop here for a photographing?
honmaruhaku_20170105_012-250x188 honmaruhaku_20170105_008-250x166

There are more and more displays, including original paintings and character references. Moreover, there is a section of new releasing anime “Katsugeki Touken Ranbu” and you can enjoy newest promotion videos and paintings. Key visual panels of Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki and Izuminokami Kanesada are here, so please don’t forget to check them!
honmaruhaku_20170105_016-250x208 honmaruhaku_20170105_015-250x188

All goods and prizes, including ‘Nendoroid’, ‘Nendoroid petite’ and figures can be seen at the ‘Room of Goods’. Other goods, including collaborated pumps and bags are also displayed. You can check the real goods which you were looking at on internet.
honmaruhaku_20170105_014-250x154 honmaruhaku_20170105_013-250x188 honmaruhaku_20170105_018-250x230

The last section is called the “Room of Celebrating Pictures”. An illustration which only drawn to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” is first exhibited publically in this room. All the illustrations displayed here are beautiful and attractive! Please make your way to the event to see those illustrations!

Don’t forget to buy some limited items which only sold at this event! Also, there will be a rally event using all over the event area.

Starting from a game and “Touken Ranbu” has expanded its media to musicals and animations. Why don’t you review your memories of Touken Danshi at this event?

Touken Ranbu -Honmaruhaku-


Holding period: January 6 to January 15, 2017
Venue: Sunshine City
Tickets: Available at Lawson Tickets