Game ‘The Beast Darling! – Kemomimi Boys and the Secret of the Dormitory’ Now Has Its First In-Game Event

2016.07.21 <PASH! PLUS+>

Comes with limited time voice recordings and stories with special still illustrations

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     Beast Darling!– Kemomimi Boys and the Secret of the Dormitory – is a love adventure game for women. The first special in-game event, KemonoDarake No Umibiraki, is now being held for a limited time.

     During the event, a story with specially drawn illustrations and special voice overs, will be unlocked if you read all the lines of the GAO talk event until the end.

     In addition to this event, a limited time GachaEvent will also be held. In this GachaEvent, you will be able to get items such as avatars, stamps, and voice recordings. Furthermore, GAO talk and voice overs are also included in these rare items, so do not miss this.

     The special event will be held from July 20 to August 3, 2016 at 5 pm. Those who have not played the game yet should grab this opportunity to become a fan.

     Details :

     Limited Time Event ‘Kemono Darake No Umibiraki’


     Event Dates :July 20 (Wed) to August 3 (Wed) 2016 at 5 pm

     This event will be full of chances to have free talks with ‘Kemomimi Boys and the Secret of the Dormitory!’ Seize your summer memories with the boys’ GAO talk event. During the event, a story with specially drawn pictures and special voices will be unlocked if you read the complete event GAO talk till the end.

     Beast Darling! -Kemomimi boys and secret of the dormitory

Genre : Beast and School Fantasy Adventure
     Published by :CAERUX.CO.,LTD.                                                          

     Compatible Devices :iPhone (iOS7.0), Android (OS4.0)
     * Access to the app depends upon model.

     Price : Free download/Free basic play (In game charges may later apply)

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