‘Real Escape Game’ with ‘Dragon Quest: Escape from the Dragon King’s Labryinth’ themed Team Escape Game

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Take on a mission to conquer the Dragon King and bring peace back to the kingdom


     Long long ago, the Dragon king terrified the Alfegard. The land is now taken over by terrifying creatures and demons led by the Dragon king.

     A young man, descendant of Lotto, rescues Alfegard from the crisis and stops the Dragon king from further terrorizing the land.

     But now the Dragon king is gaining power and is preparing for his return. Deep within the labyrinth, hidden in the abyss, the Dragon king is waiting to make his presence known once again.

     Will you and your friends be able to conquer the Dragon king’s labyrinth and prevent him from making his return?

     Game system:
     1. Make a group
     Gather at the entrance and get into a group of four people. Once you find your group of four, your mission to beat the Dragon king begins. In order to successfully defeat the Dragon king, you must work together with your team.

     2. Select a profession
     Each group will consist of four players and each player must choose an profession: the warrior, the sorcerer, the monk, and the jester. For each group, there cannot be two players with the same profession. Everyone must choose a different profession. Each player will get an Adventure book of their respective profession.

     3Complete tasks in with the adventure book
     After receiving the adventure book of your respective profession, you will begin your mission. The
adventure book is filled with information and details. The content written in the book will vary depending on the profession. Many secrets are hidden in the adventure book. The story advances by engraving the arrows in the adventure book that are hidden anywhere in the field of play.

     4. Defeating the Dragon king
     Once you enter the Dragon king’s castle, time is very important. To defeat the Dragon king, you
need to solve a riddle in a limited time. If you solve the riddle and defeat the Dragon king within the limited time period, you will be able to successfully escape.

     5. Revival spell
arties or groups who got destroyed in the Dragon king castle can be revived at the church. But they lose gold (1000 yen per person). Nobody can die outside the Dragon king castle. If your party or group revives after losing the war with the Dragon king, you will definitely have a better second chance to be more successful this time.

     url http://realdgame.jp/DQ2016/

     OrganizerEscape Production Committee from Dragon King’s Labryinth
     Planning and ProductionSCRAP
     Planning supervisionDragon Quest 20th Anniversary Executive Committee
     Planning cooperationSquare Enix, Shueisha

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