Showtaro Morikubo & Ai Kayano as Main Casts! AJ2017 “Movie Mazinger Z (tentative title)” Stage Report!


Main casts and staffs unveiled! Announced that it will be on screen all over the world, ahead of Japan!

Legendary popular robot anime “Mazinger Z” is back! “Movie Mazinger Z (tentative title)” was announced to be produced to commemorate original manga artist Go Nagai’s 50th anniversary of being an artist, and an event was held at AnimeJapan 2017 as “Starting Up Commemoration”.

Many people, including fans who were watching original anime on real-time, have gathered to the event. On stage, Showtaro Morikubo & Ai Kayano has appeared as “observers”.


Mr. Morikubo mentioned that he was a huge fan of “Mazinger” series when he was a child, and said that he was a real-time audience of sequel anime “Great Mazinger” and “UFO Robot Grendizer”. He even asked his parents that he wanted his younger sister to be named Duke Fleed (name for protagonist of “Grendizer”).

 Ms. Kayano knew about “Mazinger” by watching on TV as rebroadcast and mentioned that the theme song was very impressive. However, she also mentioned that her most favorite Go Nagai’s product was “Cutey Honey”. She was showing her excitement by commenting that she was looking forward to know more about its product.

 After the talk show, some impressing scenes of “Mazinger Z” were shown on screen. Scenes such as Mazinger Z coming out of a pool, Rocket Punch, Breast Fire, Koji Kabuto and Baron Ashura were shown on screen, and audiences were enjoying watching the movie.

Both casts were especially surprised to see Aphrodite A’s Chest Missile (commonly known by Oppai Missile) and Mr. Morikubo admired Mr. Go Nagai’s humor.

Main casts were announced! Video message from Go Nagai!


Finally, newest video of “Movie Mazinger Z (tentative title)” was on screen! Audiences cheered to see the video of Mazinger Z in high-quality.

Then, casts information was announced. Protagonist Koji Kabuto will be voiced by Showtaro Morikubo, and heroine Sayaka Yumi was decided to be voiced by Ai Kayano. Ms. Kayano exposed that she was about to make a slip of a tongue to introduce herself as ‘I’m the voice actor for Sayaka Yumi’ when she came on stage.

 Furthermore, director will be Junji Shimizu, who directed “ONE PIECE THE MOVIE: Episode of Chopper – The Miracle Winter Cherry Blossom” and the script will be written by Takahiro Ozawa (Ume), who is known for “Tokyo Toy Box” and “STEVES”.

 Though the recording has not yet started, Mr. Morikubo said that ‘I’m feeling pressured, but I’ll try my best to play’ and also mentioned that ‘Staffs are burning with enthusiasm of making a great movie. I’m feeling that this movie will be special’.

Ms. Kayano is now watching the series of Mazinger to study about the background. She also commented that she has never had opportunity to communicate a lot with Mr. Morikubo, so she is looking forward to recording.

 Moreover, video message from Go Nagai has arrived. He expressed the joy of watching his product on screen as 50th anniversary of his work, and announced that it will be on screen all over the world, ahead of screening in Japan. At last, Mr. Nagai concluded his comment with saying “Pilder On to theaters all over the world!”

 Then Mr. Morikubo and Ms. Kayano again commented the eagerness towards the movie. After their comments, “Mazinger Chief”, which is a collaborated character of Mazinger and life insurance company has arrived to present flowers to both casts.

 “Movie Mazinger Z (tentative title)” will be one of a biggest anime projects! You can’t miss it!