“FGO” Pictures of Displayed Items and Illustrations at “AnimeJapan 2017” are Here!


Leonardo da Vinci’s magical workshop was opened!

iOS/Android game application “Fate/Grand Order” was exhibiting at “AnimeJapan 2017” held on March25 and 26.

 Mash Kyrielight’s full-scaled Noble Phantasm with stereoscopic images, Gáe Bulg Alternative and other full-scaled Noble Phantasms, full-scaled 11 servants’ displays, production data and shop where can buy original items were opened at the booth.

 Furthermore, da Vinci’s magical workshop, which first appeared at “FGO Fuyu Matsuri 2016-2017 ~da Vinci-chan・code~” was also opened at “AnimeJapan2017”. Acrylic displays of characters were surrounding the workshop.

 Here are some pictures taken at the event!
fgo_0022 fgo_0031 fgo_0042-1

fgo_0062 fgo_0081 fgo_0072

fgo_0091 fgo_0111 fgo_012

fgo_013 fgo_014 fgo_015

fgo_016 fgo_018 fgo_017

fgo_027 fgo_024 fgo_025

fgo_026 fgo_023 fgo_028 fgo_022


fgo_030 fgo_029




fgo_047 fgo_043 fgo_045 fgo_035 fgo_033 fgo_038 fgo_044 fgo_042 fgo_046 fgo_040 fgo_034 fgo_041 fgo_048 fgo_049 fgo_050 fgo_054 fgo_055 fgo_056 fgo_053 fgo_051 fgo_059 fgo_057 fgo_052 fgo_058 fgo_060