“Saga!!! on ICE” is Now Open. Can Take Photos with Yuri & Victor at Kiss and Cry!?


Can enjoy limited items and foods!

Welcome to “Hasetsu” !

“Saga!!! on ICE”, a collaboration event with “Yuri!!! on ICE” and Saga prefecture is starting from March 6 at Tokyo and Saga. This collaboration event is holding as one of regional revitalization projects called “SAGAPRISE!”

The collaboration is mainly holding at Karatsu city, where Yuri’s hometown “Hasetsu” was modeled from. You can enjoy collaborated foods, drinks and sweets which are imaged from anime. Also, limited items with newly drawn illustrations will be on sale.

Furthermore, a handbook for visiting locations appeared in anime such as Karatsu castle called “Pilgrimage Map” will be distributed. “Yuri!!!” fans will love this!


Tenugui (price: 1,000yen/ tax included)
*Japanese towel

 Matsubara Okoshi (price: 450yen/ tax included)
*a type of Japanese sweet made with rice and starch syrup

Makkachin gum (price: 350yen/ tax included)

 Sayohime (price: 900yen/ tax included)
*a type of Japanese candy made with suger

 Borscht Russian vegetable soup (price: 650yen/ tax included)

Flag (price: 900yen/ tax included)

Acrylic keychain (price: 600yen/ tax included, each)

Ajian Gyoza (price: 500yen/ tax included, each bag)
*dumpling made using a fish called horse mackerel

Other collaborated menus

▲ you can get a postcard by eating collaborated food! (random)

▲ you can get a coaster by ordering drinks and sweet! (random)


“Ice Castle Hasetsu” is open in Tokyo!

 Meijijingu Gaien Ice Skate Rink will be opened as “Ice Castle Hasetsu” in Tokyo.

There will be posters which imaged “Ice Castle Hasetsu” and also collaborated food “Onigiri (rice ball)” which uses ingredients from Saga will be on sale on weekends (March 11 and 12). You will get a limited coaster by ordering the rice ball!


▲ welcome to the land of ice!


yurionice_0061 yurionice_0071
▲ come on everyone!

 yurionice_0051 yurionice_0041 yurionice_0031 yurionice_0021yurionice_0091
▲ there will be a tourist information center of Karatsu!


yurionice_0101 yurionice_0111
▲ there will be a photo spot which is imaged from kiss and cry. This is a newly drawn illustration!


yurionice_0121 yurionice_0141 
▲ “Saga” imaged pass


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