TV Anime ‘Nanbaka’ (aka Nanbaka-The Numbers) Kicking Off the Autumn Broadcast with a Cosplay Contest ‘Nancos’

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The grand prize winner will receive 100,000 yen! Accepting participants worldwide

©Sho Futamata/comico/Nanba prison rehabilitation committee

     In commemoration of the TV animation of the famous comic Nanbaka, there will be
a Nanbaka cosplay contest in the works. This was announced on the special broadcast called, TV animated series ‘Nanbaka’ Nikosei cast live program, broadcast on July 27, 2016.

     Nancos, a contraction of the words ‘Nanbaka’ and ‘Cosplay,’ is a project in
collaboration with the apparel manufacturer named galaxxxy, which will create the various looks of the prisoner costumes of the main cast who include Yuto Uemura in the role of Jugo, Tetsuya Kakihara in the role of Uno, Airu Shiozaki in the role of Rock, Daiki Kobayashi in the role of Niko and others. The story centers around four young men who are assigned to Nanba, the most well-known prison. The series follows the daily life of these prisoners along with their inmates and guards in a comical parody that quickly gained attention from many fans.

     To participate in the ‘Nancos’ contest, you can apply domestically, as well as from
abroad. Application entries are open until September 30th, 2016, and you can subscribe from the special web page set up for the cosplay on the official website of the program.

     All prizes will be declared during the last ten days of October on the Nikosei Cast Live
Program, and apart from the grand prize award of 100,000 yen, each award winner will receive a trophy respectively, and a two digit prisoner number for the Nanbaka Prisoner Friends Meet will be presented to the award winner. Think you have what it takes to win the best costume prize? Then start designing away and show us what you got!

‘Nancos’, a cosplay contest to kick off this autumn broadcast for the TV animated series ‘Nanbaka’.

Qualifications : Any person who loves the characters of ‘Nanbaka’. No conditions for age, gender, maturity or national boundaries for application. You can apply as an individual or as a team. Any type of costume is accepted.

Application period : July 27th – September 30th, 2016

Application Method : Post maximum 3 photos on the ‘Nancos’ web page on the official website, or subscribe by clicking on the URL of the video (posted on youtube earlier)
At the time of subscription, please specify the following.
Your prisoner number for the ‘Nanbaka Prisoner Friends Meet’ (If you do not have one, you can get it for free on the same website)
Name of the character for whom you have performed the cosplay.
・Please appeal your points etc.
photos or videos can only be those of the entrant.
Note: Please upload the photos in the specified image format i.e. jpg, gif, png and maximum upload size in 3 MB.

Nancos special website :

     Result Announcement : Results will be announced in the Nikosei Cast Live Program scheduled in the last ten days of October. During the announcement of The Nancos Grand Prize, Sho Futamata will be present. (Prize details will be announced later). All prize winners will be announced by their two digit prisoner number.

     The numbers are two digit numbers  and this number is generated randomly

Notes :  
Damage-inflicting or wound inflicting cosplays are strictly prohibited.  
Avoid extreme exposure. Avoid using a mosaic.  
Please be considerate of others as not to offend anyone with your costume.  
Regarding the photos or images used for application, apart from prize winners, others
will entrust them to the Nanba Prison Rehabilitation Committee.

Prizes :  
‘Nancos’ Grand Prize: A prize of 100,000yen, official Nanbaka T-shirt autographed by the cast, and an under-100 prisoner number.
Sho Futamata (original author) Award : Autographed comic, official autographed
Nanbaka T-shirt and an under-100 prisoner number.
Prisoner Award : Official autographed Nanbaka T-shirt signed by the prisoner cast, and an under-100 prisoner number.
Jailer Award : Official autographed Nanbaka T-shirt signed by the jailer cast, and an under-100 prisoner number.
 International Award : Official autographed Nanbaka T-shirt and an under-100 prisoner number.

     ‘Nancos’ subscription website
     Twitter :nanbaka_tv

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