New Baseball TV Anime ‘Battery’ Has Tons Of New Info Rolling Out

2016.06.23 <PASH! PLUS+>

There will be a cell phone stamp rally and Parco exhibitions and more

©2016 Atsuko Asano・Kadokawa Bunko/Battery Anime Production Committee

     In celebration of the upcoming TV animation Battery, we have received some information regarding some special events. Have a look.

     A cell phone stamp collection rally will be held via a collaboration between Battery and The Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation from June 24 to July 18, 2016.

     This promotion will be available only on 7 railway stations where if you scan the QR codes on various posters, you can get a special screensaver on your mobile phones. Furthermore, if you visit all 7 stations, you will get raffle tickets for special merchandise. These are what the posters look like.

     battery_480_640_takumi battery_480_640_gou battery_480_640_seiha
      battery_480_640_kadowaki battery_480_640_mizugaki battery_480_640_kaionji 

     The merchandise includes colored papers with autographs by the series’ artists and the original novels (all 6 volumes) autographed by a story writer Asano Atsuko. A true fan can’t wait to have such prizes. If you live near these 7 stations, give it a shot.

     Moreover, a Line Live anime premiere screening will be shown on June 26. The show’s wonderful cast including Kōki Uchiyama and Tasuku Hatanaka will attend the show. There will also be a live talk show with the cast. All tickets for this show are already sold out. Those who can’t attend the show in person can enjoy it via the live broadcast.

     Furthermore, a Battery Exhibition will be held at Ikebukuro P’PARCO from July 14 to August 1. Here, an original collection  of character art by Artist Takako Shimura, goodies with illustrations of the characters, and some special items will be available. This will be the best chance to experience the world of Battery♪

     ▼ P’Parco ‘Battery Exhibition’ Illustrations

     An event called Kabaneri and Battery Exhibition : Strike Them Out – Purify the Six Roots of Perception will be held at Aqua City Odaiba, Mediage from July 16 to September 30. At the ‘Battery’ corner, a life-sized figure of the main character Takumi Harada will be on display. There is also a premiere screening scheduled. Make sure to come visit.

Battery is coming soon. Don’t miss the interweaving story of Tagumi and Gou’s youth.


     ● TV animation ‘Battery’: Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation Cell Phone Rally

Schedule : from June 24 (Fri) to July 18 (Mon), 2016

     ① Screensavers of original characters
     Read the QR codes given on the posters at the railway stations by using your mobile/smart phone, access the dedicated webpage, select your stamp on the page and get 7 different types of characters shown on the 7 different QR code posters.

     ②Special item presents
     If you collect all 7 stamps from all 7 stations, you will get a raffle ticket.

     Special items :
     Prize A = Colored paper with autographs from the series’ artists   -for 1 person
     Prize B = Novel autographed by story writer Asano Atsuko   -for 3 people
     Prize C = Promo poster (Not available for sale)   -for 10 people

     Stations featuring the QR Code Posters :
     Akadou Shoggakou Mae Station(Nippori Toneri Liner)
     Ouji Eki Mae Station(Toden Arakawa Line)
     Shiroyama Station(Mita Line)
     Suidobashi Station(Mita Line)
     Jimboucho Station(Shinjuku Line)
     Akebonobashi Station(Shinjuku Line)
     Shinjuku Station(Oedo Line)

  • Live Line Broadcasting of the advanced screening on June 26

Details: on June 26 (Sun), from 3:10 p.m. : Cast talk show
* The showing of episode 1 and 2 will not be broadcast.
Set to Appear:
 Kouki Uchiyama (voice of Takumi Hrada), Tasuku Hatanaka (Gou Nagakura), Yuichiro Umehara (Kazuki Kaionji), Ayumu Murasa (Fumito Sawaguchi), Kaito Ishikawa (Keita Higashidani), MC:Akira Matsuo
Broadcast: Line Live(URL:
* For more details of the advanced screening, click here:(

  • Battery Exhibition

Schedule: from July 14 (Thur) to August 1 (Mon), 2016
Venue: Ikebukuro P’Parco First Floor Event Space
Items on display:
A welcome board with illustrations
Animation data (Original images, Creation material, Scene cuts etc.)
Draft illustrations of the characters and their collection by artist Takako Shimura
Photographs of Okayama and its art etc.

◇Harada Takumi’s cleaner cloth: 600 yen + tax


◇Battery-iPhone cover with an image of the baseball field for versions 5/5s/SE: 2,500 yen + tax


◇Messenger bag from Shinden Higashi Middle School’s baseball club: 4,200 yen + tax


◇Raglan T-shirt of Harada Takumi’s version from Shinden Higashi Middle School’s baseball club : 3,500 yen + tax


* What’s more, there are jerseys, polo shirts and many more goodies with illustrations.

  • Kabaneri and Battery Exhibition~Strike out Goal of purifying the six roots of perception~

Schedule: July 16 (Sat) to September 20 (Fri), 2016
Venue: Aqua City Odaiba Mediage First Floor, Cinema Atrium
Entry fee: Free
Official site:
Display items:
 Life-sized figure of the main character Harada Takumi
Design visuals drawn during early release of info on the anime and other items

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