Animate Girls Festival 2016 – Out with 1st Lineup of this Year’s Booths

2016.07.01 <PASH! PLUS+>

‘Ansuta' and other popular works & PASH! will exhibit

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     The huge event, Animate Girls Festival 2016, will be held November 5 – 6, 2016 in Ikebukuro. The event features a wide variety of girl’s favorites including games, anime, BL, goods, and cosplay.

     The first group of booths have been announced. More than 100 companies and groups have already signed on to exhibit. Popular programs such as Ensemble Stars!, Uta no Prince Sama, and TV Anime Servamp, and Tsukino Entertainment Productions will be participating. This year, PASH! will also be displaying at the event. Don’t miss out!

     1st series of booths announced
Ai★Chu, Idolish Seven, Aquamarine, Ascii Mediaworks, Atelier Magi, Aniplex, Arnon Cafe, Ensemble Stars!, Iceman Series, January and July, Uta no Prince same, Ei Collette, Hma, Avex Pictures, X Arts Japan, E Postcard, Ensky, Oshinamono, Karin Entertainment, Karin Chanoir Omega,, Chara ON!, Kumamaite booth, Kuroyasya, Koade, Kogado Studio, Cospa, Kotobukiya, Ayaing, System Service, Square Enix, SukuEni Otome bu, Stella Worth, Sega Interactive, Sega Entertainment, Sogo Gakuin Human Academy, Sousaku Kobo, Sol International, Taito, Taito Chara Name Stamp, Takara Tomy Arts, Chugai Mining, Twinkle, Tsukiutaya, Tsukino Entertainment production, Team Entertainment, Di motto Bene, Tms Entertainment, Nam Amida Buddha Tsu! booth, Bandai, Bandai Gashapon booth, Bandai Visual, Band Yarouzei, Banpresto, Hisago, Hifumishobo, 1st PLACE Official Shop HACHIMAKI, Bushiroad Music, Puchi Reve, Fleurs, Break, Playful Mind Company, Sprocket, Broccoli, Frontier Works, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Extend, Bungo Stray Dogs, Penguin Parade & Primula, Boyfriend (provisional), Pony Canyon, Hobby Stock, Marvelous, Magical Days the Brats’s Parade, Magic-Kyun Renaissance, Marine Entertainment, Megahouse, Medicos Entertainment, Union Creative, Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100 nin no Ouji-sama, Hanawa Hana Nation, Ruby Party, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, A3 Market, amie, anipani, ARIA, D3P Otomebu, Daisy2, Daria, Dezaegg.Com, dramatic create, HuneX, d Anime Store, EM2 Record, empty, Exit Tunes, Gate, gateau, Gift, Goo Goo Dept., HOBiGIRLS, honeybee, Kadokawa Enterplane B’s Log Shop, Love&Art, movin’on & eterire, Nbc Universal Entertainment Japan, Nino, Orange Rouge, PASH!, Pool, Red, Rejet, Show Buy Rock!!, slaps, Sunny Side Up, Takuyo, The Chara, TV Anime ‘Servamp’, Weblink x .Bloom

     ※List as of July 1, 2016
     ※Listed in Japanese sound order
     ※Contents subject to change without notice

     More details will be posted as it arrives regarding the event and exhibitions. In addition, a cosplay event, Acosta! AGF2016 Special, will also be held during the event. Enjoy!

     Details :

     Animate Girls Festival 2016

     Date : November 5 (Sat) to  6 (Sun), 2016
     Time : 10 am to 5 pm (4:30 pm  close)
     * For first ticket : Admission by 9 am

     Venue : Ikebukuro Sunshine City and other
     [Red Area] : World Import Mart fourth floor A Hall
     [Green Area ] : Cultural Center Fourth Floor B Hall
     [White Area ] : Cultural Center Third Floor C Hall
     [Yellow Area ] : Cultural Center Second Floor D Hall

     Access :
     Ikebukuro Sunshine City
     Address : 3-chome 1-1 Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
     Transportation : Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line, three minute walk from Higashi-ikebukuro station
     JR, Tokyo metro, Seibu ikebukuro line, Tobu Tojo line, 8-minute walk from Ikebukuro station
     Toden Arakawa line, Higashi-ikebukuro, 4-minute walk from Yonchome station

     Ticket :
     <Advance ticket information>
     * Admission times differ as per the ticket category.

     ●First ticket sales (will begin in August)
     Price : 2,800 yen (including tax)
     Admission time : 9 am
     * We are planning to sell these tickets by lottery.
     * First ticket will not have benefits other than priority admission.
     * Priority admission with the first ticket does not guarantee priority purchase of goods or distribution at each displayed booth.

     ●General ticket (will begin in September)
     Price : 1,800 yen (including tax)
     Admission time: 10 am

     * We are planning to sell these tickets by lottery.
     * You will not be able to choose the admission time.

     ●Afternoon tickets (will be sold from the end of August)
     Price : 1,000 yen (including tax)
     Admission time : 1 pm onwards
     * First-come first-basis admission.
     * Limited number of tickets.

     ●acosta! Participation card (advance sale and same day)
     Price : Cosplayer and cameraman standard 1,500 yen (including tax)

     * With regards to the ticket details, we will update you on acosta! on HP ( from time to time.
     * Please note that AGF ticket is separate and will require a participation card.

     Sale location : To be declared
     URL :

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