‘One Piece Film Gold‘ Movie Event Will Be Held At J-World Tokyo Starting July 15th, 2016

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The event will start on July 15th and go until September 11th, 2016

©Eiichiro Oda/2016 'One Piece' ©Eiichiro Oda/ Shueisha・Fuji TV Toei Animation

     Crazy about One Piece? Then this is just for you. To kick off the exciting release of the
movie, One Piece Film Gold, the event One Piece Film Gold in J-World Tokyo will be held at the theme park J-World Tokyo from July 15th until September 11th, 2016.

Call up your ‘One Piece’ buddies and party it up with the rest of the One Piece fans.  During this event, there will be various attractions like a game battle called Attack on Tesoro gang! A game battle at Gorgol! with dealers who will be hiding throughout the park, plus the original foods with a special One Piece theme will show off the popular characters from the movie.


Event ’One Piece Film Gold in J-World Tokyo’

Cost : 1 round 800 yen 
Day passes/passports will be available

Event period : July 15th, 2016September 11th, 2016
Venue : J-World Tokyo World ’One Piece Area ’J-Carnival’
Business hours :
July 15th, 2016August 31st, 2016 as well as Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays in September…….. 11am 8pmLast admission at 7:30pm  Weekedays in September…….. 1pm 8pm (Last admission at 7:30pm)

 Attraction : ‘Attack on Tesoro gang! A game battle at Gorgol!’ for a limited period.

The adventure begins with the sudden appearance of a big casino ship ‘Gran Tesoro’ at the harbor of Rizzo Island. The followers of Tesero sneak into the island where the Straw Hat Pirates run a business. One day, an absurd battle starts there and the Tesero group plans to take advantage on the tourists to leave them penniless. Nami and Chopper rush to contact their friends on the island and plan to fight the followers of Tesoro. Tesero accepts the challenge, but is defeated by Nami’s team, successfully getting four gold chips provided by Tesoro and protect the Straw Hat Pirates. The final winner will be decided after the final battle at the last stage!

[Fight with the dealers!!]
* In this event, there will be a total of four stages of battle. One of them is very difficult and horrible. In that round, there is a game battle with the dealers who have unique personalities.

* At the beginning of the battle, four chips will be provided but you can use a number of chips for one round.

     A : ‘Super Gold Darts Showdown!’- In the Darts Showdown round, participants can throw two times. If your points are more than that of the dealers, you win.
B : Next up is the ‘Perfect Choice’. If you can draw whatever the dealers writes, you are the winner.
C : In ‘Hey! Hey! High & Low’, check if the cards provided to you are higher in value than the dealer’s.
D : In ‘Thrilling Hat Trick’, if a doll under your hat is the same as the dealers, you win.

[Final battle : ‘Gambling Dice Show’]  
     This stage is the most important stage. This is where a huge dice will be used to battle
with the followers and you have to gamble all your chips!! If you win, your name will be added to the winners’ list but if you lose, your name will be added to the losers’ list which is past the bottom and after the list of Tesoro’s followers.
In this final showdown, you will enjoy the crucial contest. All participants will be gifted with a battle certificate!

      Some examples of food menu options available for this limited period event

 Sneaky Parfait : Tesoro Chocolate Parfait/ 680 yen

This dessert has an image of character Tanaka, who is the security guard of Tesoro’s team. He has the ability to slip past his enemies. Similarly, a violet star on the brownie represents the dealer Dice, and the orange star and a beaten gold leaf represents Baccarat. Tanaka’s dark sneaky ways are perfectly matched with the decadent chocolate taste. [Available at: Café Mademoiselle]

 Diva Carina’s Chilly Black Current Glacé/ 750 yen


     This soufflé glacé represents the purple hair of Carina. This chilled dessert will be the
perfect way to cool down in the hot summer! [Available at : Café Mademoiselle]

     Place Your Bet! Piled chips Pancake/ 850 yen


This divine pancake plate is designed with an illustration of a star by using icing sugar and the pancake represents a chip. An illustration of a wheel made up of black chocolate sauce and red strawberry sauce around the pancakes represent a casino. The pancakes are garnished with trump cards made up of chocolate and Luffy’s sunglasses. [Available at : Café Mademoiselle]

      Gildo Tesoro’s Gol Carbonara pasta/ 900 yen


     This mouth-watering Carbonara pasta represents the golden emperor Goldo Tesoro. A
golden star on the top represents the earrings of the emperor, and ring shaped snacks represents each of the rings of the emperor. The pasta is garnished with the beaten gold leaf.  [Available at : Café Mademoiselle]

      Welcome!! Gran Tesoro!! Golden Apple Soda/ 600 yen


     This soft drink represents Goldo Tesoro and it is apple juice diluted with soda, casino style dice, jelly pastry, and some chocolate. This refreshing drink will be perfect do enjoy under the summer sun. 
[Available at : Café Mademoiselle]

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