Bungo Stray Dogs And Kyoto-MAF Collaboration Poster Released

2016.06.08 <PASH! PLUS+>

Also Collaboration With Chūya Nakahara and Osamu Dazai Set for Nakahara Memorial Hall

『Kyo-Mafu』Promo Visual  ©2016 Kafka Asagiri・Haruka 35/KADOKAWA/Bungo Stray Dogs Production Committee

     The Character Atsushi Nakajima from TV anime Bungo Stray Dogs will appear in advertisements for the ‘Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair (Kyo-MAF) 2016’ which will be held on September 17 and 18.

     Furthermore, ‘BungoStary Dogs’ will collaborate with the special Osamu Dazai and Chūya Nakahara’s sub-event which will be held at the Chūya Nakahara Memorial Hall (in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture) on July 28, 2016.

     The theme of the Osamu Dazai and Chūya Nakahara event  is in recognition of author Osamu Dazai and poet Chūya Nakahara. Their works and books are still read by many. While one wrote novels and the other poems, they had known each other since age 2, set their goals in literature, and made artistic contributions to literature magazines such as ‘Sweet Blue flowers’, ‘Gallinule’, and ‘World of Literature.’ Direct articles of their evaluating each other’s work are not available. However, there is evidence of their appraising each other’s work. The common points between the work of these 2 legends will be explored at the event and also a variety of Osamu Dazai’s literature will be available on display. 

     In this event, other than Osamu Dazai’s manuscript ‘No Longer Human’, Chūya Nakahara’s poems will also be available for viewing. Enjoy the precious articles of these 2 legends in Nakahara’s hometown of Yamaguchi.


     ■ Kyoto International Manga Anime Fare (Kyo-MAF) 2016

Website : http://kyomaf.kyoto/

     ‘Osamu Dazai/Chūya Nakahara’ and ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ Special Collaboration Event 


     Venue : Chūya Nakahara Memorial Hall 
     1-11-21, Oda Onsen, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture-753-0056
     TEL  083-932-6430/FAX  083-932-6431
     Schedule : July 28 (Thu) to September 25 (Sun), 2016
     Admittance Hours : 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (last entry: 5:30 p.m.)
     Closed : Every Monday (or day following National Holidays), August 20 (Tue)
     Entry Tickets :
     General Ticket Price : 320 yen (270 yen)
     For students of universities and engineering colleges : 210 yen (162 yen)
     Free for those aged above 70 and below 18

     * The fare mentioned in the parentheses is for those who come in a group of more than 20 persons.
     Director :Tooru Kitakawa(Poet・Literature and Arts Expert)
     Production : Yamaguchi City Cultural Exhibition Foundation
     PR Cooperations : Kadokawa pvt.Ltd.

     Website : http://www.chuyakan.jp/

     * More details will be announced later.

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