Kuroko’s Basketball Event ‘Kuroko’s Summer Training at J-World Tokyo’ Is Open

2016.06.08 <PASH! PLUS+>

Food And Deserts That Are Perfect For Summer Will Also Be Available

©Tadatoshi Fujimaki/Shueshia・Kuroko’s Basketball Production Committee

     Kuroko’s Basketball has organized an event called ‘Kuroko’s Summer Training in J-world Tokyo‘ at the J-world Tokyo theme park (in Ikebukuro, Tokyo) from June 13 to August 31, 2016.

     At this event, mini-game prizes and original goods with the J-world Tokyo exclusive illustrations will be available. Kuroko’s Basketball fans, won’t want to miss this opportunity.

     Details :

     Kuroko’s Summer Training in J-world Tokyo

     Schedule : June 13 (Mon) to August 31 (Wed), 2016

     ● J-world Tokyo limited illustrations available
     Illustrations of characters practicing hard for their games, are printed on the mini game prizes and original goods.

     ● 2 limited time mini games will be available for play at the event

     ‘Let’s sink that improbable shot!’

     kurobasu20160608_022 kurobasu20160608_023

     ‘Sports Drink Delivery’

     kurobasu20160608_017 kurobasu20160608_018kurobasu20160608_019


     ●New Prizes at Forever Mini Attractions and Carnival Games booths

    New gifts will be available at the Forever Mini Attractions – ‘Manager’s Jobs’
    and at Carnival Games – ‘Miracle Bingo’ bball shooting booths! 

     Manager’s Jobs

     Carnival games

     ●Original Goods For Sale
     Special merchandise with illustrations!
     kurobasu20160608_028 kurobasu20160608_031kurobasu20160608_030



     ●Event Exclusive Food
     Original cool food and deserts that are perfect for summer! 

     kurobasu20160608_005 kurobasu20160608_006 kurobasu20160608_007

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