‘Shonen Maid’ Special Events to be Held Including Costume Design Contest and Blu-ray & DVD Launch Event

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'Shonen Maid' costume design contest and other exciting events coming your way

ⒸOtsutachibana · KADOKAWA / boy maid Production Committee

     Shounen Maid
, the popular manga has premiered as a new TV anime series, having just started on April 7, 2016, on TBS.
Just before the broadcast start, an announcement was made during a live stream event called, Curtain Raiser of TV Anime ‘Shounen Maid’ on Nico Live, where another special upcoming event was announced.

     This event which is named TV Anime ‘Shounen Maid’ Children’s Day Special for All, will be held on May 5th, 2016. As the name suggests, the event will be held on Japan’s Children’s Day, and will take place in the Science Hall of the Science Museum in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

     Three cast members, Natsumi Fujiwara, Nobunaga Shimazaki and Tomoaki Maeno who play the lead characters, Chihiro Komiya, Madoka Takatori, and Keiichirou Shinozaki respectively, will make a special appearance at the event. Plus, a talk related to the TV program and a showdown will also be held. All the visitors to the event will not only be able to see all the various events, but will also get special souvenirs. Tickets cost 2,800 yen (tax included) and will be sold at Lawson Tickets from April 9th, from 10 am onward. For more details, we recommend you visit the official website.

     Not only that, but if you love to dress up and feel like designing something, then you’ll want to checkout the Go for it Madoka! Costume Design Contest. You can channel your inner Madoka Takatori, who’s a costume designer, and design costumes that you’ll want Chihiro Komiya and the Uchoten Boys to wear. The winner will be selected by the author, Ototachibana and Nobunaga Shimazaki, who plays Madoka Takatori. The lucky winner’s design will be made into a real costume and may even be used in one of the illustrations by Ototachibana. What an amazing chance!

     In addition, the first volume of Blu-ray & DVD of TV anime ‘Shounen Maid’ will be released on June 22nd, 2016. The first volume contains recordings for the special limited version and the regular version of episodes 1 to 3 (the regular version is only available in DVD format). As a special bonus, the special limited edition will include a figurine of Chihiro as well as a bonus video ‘Uchoten Boys NicoLive‘#0 #1.

     Four volumes of the Blu-ray and DVD of ‘Shounen Maid’ are scheduled to be released with a launching event planned each time so there is a lot more excitement to come. Go check out the official website for the details.


     ■TV Anime ‘Shounen Maid’ Children’s Day Special for All – Event

     Dates : March 5th, 2016 (doors open at 3pm and event is scheduled to start at 4pm)
     Venue : Science Hall at the Science Museum (Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kitanomaru-koen 2-1)
     URL : http://www.event-jsf.jp/science-hall
     GuestsNatsumi Fujiwara (role of Chihiro Komiya), Nobunaga Shimazaki (role of MadokaTakatori),  and Tomoaki Maeno (role of Keiichirou Shinozaki )

     ※Please note that the guests are subject to change depending on schedule conflicts.
Special giveaways : Souvenirs for everyone in attendance
     Price 2,800yen (tax included)
     Tickets sales : Tickets will be sold at Lawson tickets starting April 9th, 2016.

     ▪Go for it Madoka! Costume Design Contest

     – How to apply : Design the costume for ‘Chihiro’ or ‘Uchoten BOYS’, scan the illustration or send a photograph of your design and email the data to shonen_maid@columbia.co.jp .

     -The winner will be chosen by Ototachibana (Author of  “Shounen Maid”) and Nobunaga Shimazaki (voice of Madoka Takatori)

     -Prize :
     ☆Grand prize for costume of Chihiro Komiya (1 winner) 
     *A real costume using the selected design will be made and presented!
     *Plus, Natsumi Fujiwara who plays Chihiro Komiya will appear in the event and on Nico Nico Live wearing the costume.

     ☆ Grand prize for Uchoten Boys (1 winner) 
     *As a grand prize in this category, an illustration of the Uchuten Boys wearing costumes with the selected design will be drawn by Ototachibana! The same illustration will be used on the jacket of a CD, which is to be released on a later date. In addition, the same illustration panel signed by Ototachibana will be presented.

     ☆ Madoka Takatori Prize (1 winner)
     *A vacuum cleaner autographed by Nobunaga Shimazaki (who plays Madoka Takatori)

     ☆ Honorable mention (5 winners)   
     *“Shounen Maid” poster autographed by main cast members

     Application period : April 7th – 30th, 2016
     Winner announcement : May 9th, 2016 scheduled to be announced on the “Uchoten Boys Nico Nico Live” broadcast.
     ※After the winners are announced, each winner will be contacted. Check the official website for more details about the application process and information about the contests.

     ▪ TV Anime “Shounen Maid” Blu-ray &DVD Volume 1 [Special Limited Version] Specifications

     Special bonus :
     Event priority application lottery ticket (afternoon part) 
     Figurine of Chihiro
     Bonus video : “Uchoten Boys Nico Nico Live”#0 #1. 
     Picture label
     Ototachibana’s illustration CD jacket
     Anime illustration DVD cover jacket
     End Card (3)
     Exclusive booklet

     marks are included in the regular version and general version.

     ▪ Don’t miss the TV Anime “Shounen Maid” Blu-ray & DVD Launching Event
     Date : September 4th, 2016 
     Afternoon part : doors open at 1 pm/event is scheduled to start at 2 pm 
     Evening part : doors open at 5 pm/event is scheduled to start at 6 pm
     Venue : Shinagawa International Hall (Tokyo, Minato-ku, Minato-minami 2-15-4)
     Guests : Natsumi Fujiwara (role of Chihiro Komiya), Nobunaga Shimazaki (role of MadokaTakatori),  and Tomoaki Maeno (role of Keiichirou Shinozaki ), and Uchoten BOYS (NatsukiHanae-role of Ryuji, Taku Yashiro-role of Hayato, and Kazutomi Yamamoto-role of Ibuki)
     ※Please note that the guests are subject to change depending on schedule conflicts.
     Price : 5,500yen (tax included)
     How to participate : Serial numbers for advance booking of tickets will be enclosed with the Blu-ray and DVD volumes; tickets for the afternoon event with Vol. 1 and for the evening show with Vol.2 (scheduled on July 27th, 2016) will be given. General tickets will be sold at Lawson tickets later.

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