‘Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2016′ is Here with the World’s Best

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Enjoy unreleased movie projects, pro workshops, and talk sessions

2016 year film festival key visual TAAFEC. All Rights Reserved.

     Tokyo Anime Award Festival, a 4-day international animation film festival focusing on worldwide animation, will have its 2016 iteration from March 18 to March 21,  2016. It will be held at Tokyo Nihonbashi’s Toho Cinema Nihonbashi.

     Enjoy your passion for film, media, and art by diving into the imaginative worlds created by top and well-respected creators as well as the up-and-coming creators. Guests will be able to attend production screenings yet to be released in Japan along with attending workshops, talk sessions, and an award ceremony that will honor guests from in and outside of Japan.

     Curious to see what kind of animation, other countries are making these days? Then you won’t want to miss this opportunity!


     Tokyo Animation World Festival 2016

     Date :   From March 18 (Friday) to March 21 (Monday)
     *21st is a holiday but will be open
     Venue :   Toho Cinema Nihonbashi
     2-3-1 Coredo Muromachi 2F-3F, Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022
(Used for movie release, competitions, and events, etc.)
:   Tokyo International Anime Fair Executive Committee and The Association of Japanese Animations
     Co-sponsored by :   Tokyo
     Executive committee :   Tokyo International Anime Fair Executive Committee (Including The Association of Japanese Animations)
4-14-1 Akihabara UDX 4F, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

     About the ‘Award’ prize
     Each “Award” prize is composed of 3 categories:  “Competition category”, “Animation of the year” and “Animation cartoon category”.

     Competition category
     Whether it is by a professional or amateur, productions from all over the country will be accepted and viewed to select the winner for each category. Productions longer than 60 minutes will go under the full length film category, and shorter than 30 minutes will be in the short film category.  For each category, they will select the winners for the “Grand Prix” and “Award ofExcellence” award.

     The selection standards are based on “technical strength”, “popularity”, “originality” and “innovation”and a number of unbiased judges have been selected as the committee to choose the winning submission.

     Last year’s production award winners

     Competition category long film Grand Prix
     『Song of the Sea
     Director: Tomm Moore
     Country: Ireland/ Luxemburg/ Belgium/ France/Denmark

     A tale about a young lad named Ben and his sister, Saoirse who is actually a lost baby seal. Both trying to return to their home by the sea, they embark on an exciting and wondrous adventure in a world filled with ancient magic that is slowly disappearing.  It is a movie based on an Irish myth, where a seal that lives in the sea  travels up to land and takes on the form of a human.
Cartoon Saloon, Melusine Productions,
The Big Farm, Superprod, Norlum

     Competition category short film Grand Prix
     『Mi ne mozemzhit bez kosmosa
     (English titleWe can’t live without cosmos“)
     Director: Konstantin Bronzit 
     Country: Russia 

     Two lifelong friends dream of one day becoming astronauts. and go through challenges and various types of training to make it happen. You’ll soon find out that this isn’t about just any ordinary dream…
”Melnitsa” animation studio and
“The CTB film company”. 
Both are production companies for
my film.

     Animation of the year category
     This category recognizes the work of those who have made a huge impact on animation techniques, creativity, commercialization, story etc., from among the theatre performance and TV performance broadcast over this past year. It is also a category that shows how it attracted the fans and how it challenged everyone to think differently with creativity to impact generations to come.

     In addition to many producers being involved in the world of animation, we have selected the awardees based not only from opinions from the industry, but also from votes at stores handling animation productions with respect to television, radio, the Web, and social media.

     A “Grand Prix” award is given out for each of these: “Theatre performance category”, “Television category”, along with “Individual awards” that commend individuals such as excellent animators, directors, and scriptwriters.

     Additionally the “Animation fan award” is based on fan votes via a voting system on a specialwebsite.

     ◎Animated cartoon section
     This category is to honor and dedicated to those who have contributed greatly to the animation industry and animation culture.  This award celebrates not only the long years of contributions in technology, expression and personnel training, but also improvements in educational activities, international interaction, as well as social positioning of the animation industry.

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