A ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ Easter event will be a J-World‘s First!

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J-World Tokyo limited edition illustrations available

Limited period food menu announcement!!

     Announcing food and cakes that can be enjoyed during this period! Each product purchased will come with an original post card.

     [Venue: J-World Kitchen (J-World Kitchen J-World Tokyo food court)]

     Colorful Easter egg Carbonara
Price :  1,000 yen (includes taxes)

     Sale period :March 1, Wednesday to June 12, Sunday.
     With the Carbonara as a base, an exquisite combination of scrambled eggs and soft boiled eggs served with colorful vegetables surrounding the dish. The addition of edible flowers on completion give it an invigorating spring party feel. The soft rice crackers are printed with the characters which you can select from your favorite school design (Seirin, Kaijou, Shutoku, Outo Gakuen,Yousen and Rakuzan).

     Easter colorful salad roast beef bowl from Seirin
           Price :  1,080 yen (includes taxes)

    Sale period : March 1, Tuesday to April 7, Thursday.

    A large sized roast beef bowl in the image of Kagami, is topped with a half boiled yolk of egg and accompanied with a colorful salad and dressing. Kuroko’s favorite Vanilla shake completes the set.

     Sea food filled garden salad pizza ~ topped with a half cooked yolk ~ from Kaijou
        Price :  1,000 yen (includes taxes)


     Sales period :   March 1 (Tue) to April 7 (Thu) 2016.
     Based off of Kaijou, A hot baked pizza is topped with sea food (prawns, squid, clams and smoked salmon), accompanied with a colorful vegetable salad topped with a half boiled egg dressing.

     French toast sandwich topped with Green tea & orange ice cream from Shutoku
          Price :  860 yen (inclusive of taxes)


     Sale period :   April 8, Friday to May 10,Tuesday.
     French toast that is based off of Midorima and Takamido. Sandwiches filled with Kiwis, Oranges and fresh cream, and topped with Matcha and Orange ice cream.

     Colorful vegetable and Teriyaki chicken bowl ~ with a topping of a soft boiled egg ~ from Outo gakuen       
          Price :  800yen  (inclusive of taxes)


     Sale period :   April 8 Friday to May 10 Tuesday.
     With Teriyaki chicken as the main dish, it is also topped with paprika and roasted corn on the cob, accompanied with a soft boiled egg and edible flower.

     Furthermore, from May 11 (Tue) till June 12 (Sun), we present a new food menu featuring Yousen and Rakuzan!

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