Info on ‘Hetalia : The World Twinkle’ and karaoke-no-tetsujin collaboration 2

2015.12.02 <PASH! PLUS>

5 specialty drinks added to limited time menu at 11 stores

Ⓒ2015 Hidekazu Himaruya Gentosha Inc./Hetalia Production Committee

     Details about a second tie-up collaboration between Hetalia : The World Twinkle and karaoke-no-tetsujin have been announced!

     At participating karaoke-no-tetsujin stores, drinks can be selected from the special collaboration menu. The characters have been divided into groups such as the Italian, German, and Japanese group. There are a total of 5 groups with each having one signature drink, made and created with the group theme in mind.

     With your order of 1 collaboration drink, you will also get a randomly chosen double sided illustrated drink coaster. There are 14 different types.

     There are 11 participating stores, one being the Ikebukuro Higashigucho store, which will sell these products for a short time. You can reserve your drink and coaster through their homepage now, so hurry and reserve yours quickly as it will only be available for a limited time!


Hetalia : The World Twinkle and karaoke-no-tetsujin Collaboration part 2

(Official Japanese Website)

       Sale period: December 4, 2015 (Fri) until January 17, 2016 (Sun)
       Stores:   Ikebukuro higashiguchi, Ikebukuro higashiguchi 2, Ikebukuro nishiguchi, Omiya,        
               Shinjuku Kabukicho,
       Shinjuku-Ooguard, Machida, Shibuya dogenzaka, Sakuragicho, Kanda nishiguchi ekimae, and  

Collaboration drink Price: 500 yen each (including tax)
●Italian, German, and Japanese
Hey, let’s become friends! This drink features a friendly combination of pine lemon juice topped with berries.

  • America, England, France, Russia, and China
    Please help and protect us! It’s the “let’s 5(go) wham-bam grape tea”
  • Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland
    A warm present from the Northern territories☆ Have some peace time with this relaxing hot cocoa
  • Sealand, Wy, Seborga, Kugelmugel, Molossia, Hutt River, Ladonia, and Niconico Republic
    Micro nations with big dreams! A powerfully refreshing blue mango juice
  • Magical strike
    Magical strawberry juice. Because we just don’t like to work!

Perk: With every collaboration drink, you will get a random double sided coaster (14 designs).


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