Yuri!!! on ICE Official Fan Book “GO YURI GO!!!” Will be on Sale on May 31!!!


PASH! editorial department is publishing “Yuri!!!” official Fan book!

©はせつ町民会/ユーリ!!! on ICE 製作委員会

“Yuri!!! on ICE” fans! You should check this!

PASH! editorial department has decided to publish “Yuri!!!” official Fan book!

 We have been following “Yuri!!!” from the very first broadcast, and everything we know about “Yuri!!!” are in this book! A lot of secrets of producing this anime are written in this book. The book will be on sale on May 31!



・Staffs, including director Sayo Yamamoto and original planner Mitsurou Kubo’s secret stories of anime

・Re-edited interviews published on PASH!

・Cast interviews

・Illustrations published on PASH!

・Characters and background references with some secret stories!

 More and more articles are in the book! “Yuri!!!” fans would love this!


Newly drawn A3 sized both side poster is included

 The front page illustration of GPF skaters + victor on front,

Yuri Katsuki, Victor and Yuri Plisetsky on the backside of the poster!

 Of course, both illustrations are newly drawn♪


animate limited set

 Acrylic keychains of front page illustration (4 types) are attached to the book, only available at animates.

Yuri Katsuki, Victor, Yuri Plisetsky and 4 of GPF skaters are designed on keychains.

 Those are limited items only available at animate!


<Visual Fan Book> ‘Yuri!!! on ICE’ GO Yuri GO!!! Animate limited set <with acrylic keychains (4 types)> <limited ordering item included *Yuri Plisetsky>




Price: 1,800yen+tax

 Size: 297*235mm

 Will be on sale on May 31