‘Pash! August Issue’ is out on July 9th, 2016 – Inside scoop on the cover and details of what’s on offer

2016.07.04 <PASH! August 2016 Issue>

Get your 'Pash! August Issue' on July 9th, 2016. Here's a closer look into all the major features

PASH! August 2016 Issue - Cover

     To get things started, check out the front cover of August’s Issue.

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     Everyone, I’m back!

     Earth Defense Club Midsummer Love! Love! ♥Festival
     Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!Love! 
◎Kazutomi Yamamoto, Yuichiro Umehara, Kotaro Nishiyama, Yusuke Shirai, Toshiki Masuda.
     Get an special sneak peek into the ‘Earth Defense Club’ cast in an exclusive interview.
     ◎VEPPer Keisuke Koumoto &Yoshiki Murakami interview
     ◎Director Takamatsu shares top secret information during an exclusive interview.
     ◎Special messages from Yumiko Hara (Character design) and Tomoko Miyagawa (Sub-character and prop design)

     Special offer for all applicants (applicant fee 1,200 yen)
     Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!Love!an Original card case

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PASH! August Issue [Magazine]

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     Special inserts (1) double sided extra large A1-sized poster
     Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!Love!
     Bungo Stray Dogs

     Tsukiuta – The Animation
     D.Gray-man Hallow
     Mob Psycho 100
     First Love Monster

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     Voice Feature Act.90
     Yuto Suzuki
     Someone’s completely into. . .? And thoughts about what makes someone “cool”!

     In the 9th part of the magazine :
     ‘Nishiyama Kotaro’s-towards West, towards East’
     Kotaro Nishiyama


     The different sides of men, a look behind the mask.
     Bungo Stray Dogs
     ◎Special interview with Kisho Taniyama〔voice of Chūya〕

     Koro-sensei’s last class ‘Bye-bye Assassination Classroom’
     Assassination Classroom
A final episode interview with: Jun Fukuyama, Mai Fuchigami, Nobuhiko Okamoto

     A quick inside look of ‘Osomatsu-san’s Handmade Book’ just before the release!
     ◎Special DIY project: make an original acrylic accessory!

     A pop star manual
     ◎Toshiyuki Toyonaga〔vole of Goshi Kaneshiro〕tells all!
     ◎Producer Yokoyama shares about what gives B-Project that extra spark.

     Warning! Don’t touch the dangerous guys.
     ◎Hiro Shimono〔voice of Misono〕& Kazuma Horie〔voice of Lily〕discuss their desires!?

     Things you can do when you’re in a relationship with Kakeru
     ‘Tsukiuta’ The Animation
     ◎Special interview with Yuuki Kaji 〔voice of Kakeru Shiwasu〕& Toshiki Masuda 〔voice of Koi Kisaragi〕

     You can do it, Handa-kun!
     ◎Cheering on Director Koyama and Handa-kun

     Sharing thoughts after 6 years since the anime series first started
     Scared Rider Xechs
     ◎An big discussion with Tatsuhisa Suzuki〔voice of Yosuke〕& Mamoru Miyano〔voice of Takuto〕

     I’ll protect her from the demon king of hell!
     First Love Monster

     Dr. Gray’s deep understanding of the “D-pedia”
     D.Gray-man Hallow

     Please come. An invitation to the mononoke’s retreat.
     The Morose Mononokean

     Stage and TV anime series Summer Exorcist Special
     Blue Exorcist
     ◎PASH! Exclusive! Nobuhiko Okamoto & Ryo Kitamura’s first interview together!
     ◎A special interview during play practice.
     ◎Juicy gossip and updates on new anime series

     A closer look on Takuto Yoshinaga〔role of Tsukushi〕from Days!

     Hot new anime series coming up.
     Danganronpa 3 -The End of Kibogamine Gakuen-

     The Underground of the Lawless City
     ◎Comments from Producer Iizuka

     The absurd duo collaboration of the extra-sensorary perceptive boy & the deceitful psychic!?
     Mob Pyscho 100

     The main characters aren’t just athletes! Let the fountain of youth spring forth!
     Cheer Boys!!

     The heart moves forward and a fateful encounter

     Katana report : Keep a close eye on the battle of the swordsmen
     Touken Ranbu-Online-

     It’ll be our little secret

     Junta Terashima〔voice of Shin〕&Yuuma Uchida〔voice of Yu〕- special interview about the character song
     King Of Prism by PrettyRhythm

     Zooming in Subaru’s morning star!
     Ensemble Stars 
     ◎Ensemble Stars! On Stage report

     It always ends up being so last minute!
     JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure  

     New anime series on Navi
     ◎All Out!! ◎Attack on Titan Season2 and more!

     「PASH! Column」
     ◎From Animate information (info-tan ‘Mei and Ani♥’)

     Don’t give up just yet! Try again and become the 40th Prize winner!

     Pick up highlight!

     Soichiro Hoshi“StarRing Birthday Party☆”
     Kiramune Music Festival 2016

     ◎Drama CD&Music
     Interview with DKHi!


     One Piece Film Gold


     The featured theme is ‘What manga do you want to be see as a TV anime series?’
     PASH! Research center for second girls’ university  

     Present for readers
     Announcent for the next edition of the magazine!

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