Pash! April Issue is out on March 10 – Cover and Contents Released

2016.03.05 <PASH! April 2016 Issue>

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Pash! April Issue
This was featuring and on offer in the April 2016 PASH! Print Magazine.
Check out what else was in this Gintama Cover Edition.

     First up is the cover!
Here’s the final look…!

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     Cover-introduction, main features! What will happen next for the Shinsengumi!?


     ◎ Susumu Chiba, Kazuya Nakai, Kenichi Suzumura, and Tetsuharu Ohta – The discussion among the Shinsengumi       

     Comments from Toshiyuki Morikawa (Voice for Tadasaburo Sasaki) and Aya Hirano (Voice for Nobume Imai)
     2nd Feature
     Matsuno Family’s stupid generatio
     ◎ Special feature on Matsuno brothers! Comments from director Motoshi Fujita and series configurator, Shu Matsubara!
     ◎ Reader’s special Osomatsu page! Enjoy illustrations and messages from the cast and staff!
     Anime ‘Osomatsu-san’ Official Fan Book

     Matsuno Family of sextuplets!
     ◎ Announcing the date of release and information on special reservation privileges!

     Special appendix (1) Extra long poster


     Special Pin-Ups
     Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
     Sekkō Boys Prince of Stride Alternative
     Ace of Diamond


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     Special appendix (2) A4 size double-sided clear file
     Osomatsu-san clear file


     Voice Feature Act.86
     Ayumu Murase
     The voice actor’s job is to embody the ‘heart and soul’ of the character. Once you lose it, it’s gone.
     5th series  ‘Kotaro Nishiyama, To the West To the East’
     Kotaro Nishiyama

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     Who is the Superhuman!?

     ◎ Daisuke Ono (voice for Shizuo) shares his thoughts on what makes a man strong…

     All applicants welcome (Applicant charge 1,200yen)
     Durarara special pass case

     Tips on mentoring underclassmen and special appearance of Daisuke Namikawa
     Who are Mr. and Miss 
○○ of 3-E!?
     Assassination Classroom
     Partners of “Pride” and “Bond”
     Ace of Diamond
     ◎ Ryota Osaka (Voice for Sawamura) & Takahiro Sakurai (Voice for Miyuki) Talk session part 1
     Atsushi Kinugawa feature & “Action picture” cast discussion part 2!
     Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
     ◎ Comments from Kotaro Nishiyama (voice for Kinugawa)!
     ◎ Tomoru Akazawa (voice for Hakone) & Masa Igarashi/Yuichiro Umehara (voice for Yufuin) & Yuuki Ochi/Kotaro Nishiyama (voice for Atsushi) have a discussion.

     Life of Sukeroku Sugoroku
     Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū
     ◎ Long interview with Koichi Yamadera (voice for Sukeroku)

     Pop stars Tsukasa Suou & Tori Himemiya feature
     Ensemble Stars!

     Cheering on a love romance between 4 people!
     Rainbow Days
     ◎ Conversation between Takuya Eguchi (voice for Tomoya)  Koki Uchiyama (voice for Tsuyoshi)!

     Captivated by the handsomely attractive pop idols
     Sekkō Boys

     This summer, the rivals will make them strong!
     Prince of Stride Alternative

     The ultimate Choice
 And the shocking Scoop

     Looming Loki!
     Divine Gate

     More similar to each other… the Unit Eight partners
     Active Raid : Public Mobile Assault Unit Eight
     ◎Backstage inside scoop from Hirukawa P & Umeda P!?

     Goodbye Biscuit
     Mobile Suit Gundam :  Iron-Blooded Orphans

     Obi’s true feelings
     Snow White with the Crimson Hair

     5th series broadcast before Osarai SP

     New anime and Navi Special Issue
     ◎ Bungō Stray Dogs
     ◎ Twin Star Exorcists
     ◎ MacrossΔ 
     ◎ SERVAMP
     ◎ Tanaka Kun 
     ◎ My Hero Academia
     ◎ The Morose Mononokean, etc.


     Branch office – ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ – The Encounter
     Interview with Kensho Ono who plays the role of Tetsuya Kuroko

PASH! column
     ◎ Animate Info-mate Mate Ani

     Go for it! Prize master

     Pick up!
     ◎ EVENT
     Aoharu x Machinegunspecial event
     『AQUARION LOGOSFan appreciation event

     ◎ Drama CD&Music 
     Interview with Hiro Shimono

     ◎ Game 
     La Corda d’Oro 4

     ◎ Movie
     『Digimon Adventure tri.
     Interview with Yoshimasa Hosoya (voiced for Yamato)

     This month’s theme is: Which Characters you’d like to have as your homeroom teacher!
     PASH! Maiden University 2-D Institute

     Special gift for readers
     Next month’s preview 
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