‘Pash! May Issue’ is out on April 9th, 2016- Cover and Contents Released

2016.04.03 <PASH!May issue 2016>

Pash Special 9th Anniversary Issue Now on Sale - Get the inside scoop for the May edition.

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     Includes an exciting 14-page spread special feature that won’t disappoint!     

     IDOLISH 7

     ◎KENN、a special message from Atsushi Abe & an interview with Yusuke Shirai
     ◎A group interview with: Arina Tanemura, Kasumi Fukagawa、Bunta Tsushimi, kz, Erika Masaki・Aira Yuuki!
     ◎IDOLiSH7&TRIGGER&Re:vale pop star interview

     Special offer for all applicants (Customer pay only 1500yen -tax included)
     IDOLISH 7 original smartphone stand

     Part 2 feature

     It’s ok to be stupid if all 6 brothers are together! Special Illustration Feature


     ◎The 6 brothers of Osomatsu-san will be on an illustration feature made by popular artist creators for the theme “outing”!
     ◎Shea WAVE Osomatsu-san station report 

     Special inserts(1)extra large A1-sized poster

      IDOLISH 7

     Bungo Stray Dogs
     Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Love!
     Ace of Diamond
     Movie High☆Speed −Free! Starting Days−

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     Special inserts (2) A4 size

     Osomatsu-san clear file

     16-P05 ClearFile_Middle
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     Voice Feature Act.87

     Takuma Terashima
     Coming up to mark 11 years in voice acting, I hope to continue to work to greet my mark in 20 years of voice acting.

     In the 6th part of the magazine- ‘Nishiyama Kotaro’s-towards West, towards East’
     Kotaro Nishiyama

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PASH! May issue of 2016 [Magazine]

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     Encounters in the middle of Ikebukuro
     Durarara!! x2
     ◎Toshiyuki Toyonaga〔role of Teijin〕& Kana Hanazawa 〔role of Anri〕share their thoughts on the anime series!

     Valkyrie exciting guest appearance!
     Ensemble stars!

     Saying “Goodbye” is promising that we’ll see each other again…
     ◎”Gintama Sunny Festival 2016″ (short) report

     Hinata’s dramatic before and after change!?
     Haikyu!! Second season

     What if you were in E class?
     Assassination Classroom
     ◎Comment from Jun Fukuyama (role of Koro-sensei)!

     Everything is a valuable and precious treasure.
     Ace of Diamond
     ◎Part 2 of Ryota Osaka (role of Sawamura) & Takahiro Sakurai (role of Miyuki) discussion.

     Keep going! My journey of becoming a hero!
     My Hero Academia

     Sono detective and all the strength you carry
     Bungo Stray Dogs
     ◎A talk with Yuto Uemura (role of Atsushi Nakajima) & Mamoru Miyano (role of Osamu Daizai)!

     Welcome to“Kizna”World!!
     ◎A “Kizna” talk with Yuuki Kaji (role of Katsuhira Agata)& Tomoaki Maeno (role of Hajime Tenga)!

     Are you working it?
     Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto
     ◎Nobumitsu Urasaki P shares his tips on ways to be stylish.

     Tanaka & Ota’s perfect compatibility
     Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

     The red thread of fate that ties the two together!
     Twin Star Exorcists

     Love and war takes off!
     Macross Delta

     The two are putting distance between one another!?
     ◎Talk session with Junko Minagawa (role of Rei) Tomoaki Maeno (role of Haru)!

     The king’s power is gone!? Get ready to go through the maze of mystery!
     Magi – Adventure of Sinbad

     I’ll protect the city that is being threatened
     Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

     Chihiro mom’s life
     Shonen Maid

     An overflow of love in the hot springs & transformation scene♥
     Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
     ◎News update on 2nd season of the anime series!

     I’m here because you’re here. Youth in the shape of a square.
     Movie High☆Speed−Free! Starting Days −

     A storyteller’s last day
     Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

     Class 4’s gossip on love is glimmering like the rainbow!
     Rainbow Days

     Details on new anime series on Navi
     ◎Uta no☆Prince-sama Love Legend Star♪
     ◎B-PROJECT~Heartbeat*Ambitious〜 B-PROJECT〜鼓動*アンビシャス〜
     ◎Touken Ranbu   ◎SERVAMP-   ◎Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION
     ◎The Morose Mononokean ◎Handakun
     ◎D.Gray-man HALLOW   ◎Dreyfus!  ◎91Days plus more!

     STAGE PASH! Branch office
     Hyper Projection Theatre ‘Haikyu!!’ ‘The view up high’
     Interview with Kenta Suga who plays Shoyo Hinata

     PASH! Column’
     ◎From Animate information info-tan “Mate and Ani▼

     Keep trying! Aim to be the 37th Prize winner!

     Pick up!
     Bakumatsu Rock Ultra Ecstasy Live, B-PROJECT 1st STAGE2016
     Interview with Hanae
     Kamigami no Asobi: Ludere deorum InFinite
     Interview with director Norihiro Koizumi on the movie ‘Chihayafuru’

     The featured theme is ‘Which characters will get along together’
     PASH! Research center of second girls’ university

     Presents for readers

    Announcement for the next edition of the magazine.

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