Yuri!!! on ICE Official Fan Book “GO YURI GO!!!” will be on Sale on June 19!


PASH! editorial staffs is presenting “Yuri!!!” Official fan book!

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“Yuri!!!” official fan book will be on sale on June 19!

 We have been following “Yuri!!!” from the very first broadcast, and everything we know about “Yuri!!!” and secret stories told by staffs of producing anime are written in this book!


・Describing all skaters & programs

 Comments on secret stories behind making the anime by director Sayo Yamamoto, Misturo Kubo, character designer Tadashi Hiramatsu and sound director Yoji Shimizu. Every program will be described with original ideas of costumes, comment by music staffs and anime costume designer staffs.

 ・Describing all stories

 Reviewing all episodes from ep1~ep12 with detailed descriptions by director Sayo Yamamoto and Mitsuro Kubo!

 OP & ED pages will be commented by music and movie staffs.

 ・Staff interviews

 Solo interview with director Sayo Yamamoto, Sayo Yamamoto & Mitsuro Kubo interview, character designer Tadashi Hiramatsu, sound director Yoji Shimizu, color designer Izumi Hirose, music producer Keisuke Tominaga, figure skate choreographer Kenji Miyamoto, props designer Keiko Ito and total of 16 staffs’ newly taken & rewritten interviews! We will deeply describe about “Yuri!!!” as much as possible. Some stories will make you surprise!

 ・Cast interviews

Toshiyuki Toyonaga (as Yuri Katsuki) & Koki Uchiyama (as Yuri Plisetsky)’s double Yuri interview, Junichi Suwabe (as Victor)’s newly taken interview, character cast interviews on GPF skaters and also sub character cast interviews are on the book!

 ・Illustration gallery

 Beautiful illustrations published on PASH! and other anime magazines. Please enjoy illustrations in large sizes!

 ・Detailed description on settings with a lot of secret stories!

 Background art settings, props settings, pictures taken while location scouting, original animation arts and line drawings will definitely make all “Yuri!!!” fans to smile!


GPF skaters are on the back cover!


 Attached with A3 sized both-sided poster

 A3 sized newly drawn illustration of GPF skater + Victor and Yuri Katsuki, Yuri Plisetsky and Victor!

 animate limited set

 animate limited set is a set of the book and 4 acrylic keychains with illustrations of cover pages: Yuri Katsuki, Yuri Plisetsky, Victor and GPF skaters!

 This will be an original item only available at animate!


<Visual fan book> Yuri!!! on ICE Official Fan Book GO YURI GO!!! animate limited set <with 4 acrylic keychains >



Price: 1,800yen+tax
Size: 297*235mm

 On sale on June 19

 *contents in this book might change without notice