Upcoming ‘2D Star’ Volume 3 – A new magazine dedicated to your 2-Dimensional stars

2016.02.13 <2D☆STAR Vol.3>

Our Favorite Stars talk Valentines as 'Even Idols want Love'

2D Star - Volume 3

     2D Star is a sister print magazine put out by PASH! which interviews and does special features on your favorite anime and game characters, not the actors and voice actors. It is one of the few magazines dedicated to this type of in depth look into your 2dimensional stars. Get to the heart of them.

   Here are details of the upcoming 2D Star issue which will be out February 19, 2016. This issue will be our 3rd issue.

     Front cover and 13 page special on IDOLish7.

Trigger appears in the magazine for the first time with exclusive images.

     Ensemble Stars – 12 Page special 

Features a long interview with Meteor corps and Ra*bits, and a Valentine themed talk with Trickstar. 

     Tsukino Entertainment Production 8-page special:   

    Tsukiuta, SolidS, and ALIVE Idol interviews. 
Kisaragi Koi  of  (Sixgravity), Takamura Kokorozashiki of (SolidS) Ohara Sora of (SOARA), Mamoru Fujimura of (Growth) will appear.

     Ai Chu – 10 Page special edition!
     The whole world will appear for the first time!  
Senior idols (Akira & Easy and Takadori & Eva) and more junior idols (Akiwo & Starry Night & Mind & Leon) gather across units to talk about love.

     King or Prism by PrettyRhythm – 8 page special edition
     An exclusive in depth interview before their Over the Rainbow hiatus!
     Round-table discussion by Edel Rose of Star candidates 
(Ichijo Shin, Yukinjou Tachibana, Kougami Taiga, Kakeru Juuouin, Takahashi Minato, Reo Sainoji, Ryono Yuu)

     B-Project – 9 page special edition
     KiLLER KiNG’s first appearance in the magazine. Info and discussion on the latest songs from Kitakore, MooNs, and THRIVE!

     Mofu Dol – 7 Page special edition
Do you fully understand the No Limits philosophy of love?

     Dynamic Chord – 9 page special
     Four bands who are welcoming a wave of releases talk about ‘Now’.
     Featuring ‘rêve parfait’, ‘Liar-S, KYOHSO’, ‘apple-polisher’

     Eight of Triangle - 6 page special edition
     Toei’s debut unit appears in the magazine for the first time for some Valentine chat.

     Tokimeki Restaurant 
     3 Majesty & X.I.P. interview celebrating three CD releases in as many months.

     Idol Master SideM
     Color & FRAME, CD debut celebration interview

     Dream color cast
     Love story by theater group Dream Color Company

     Gypsum boys
     Amazing newcomer idol Ishibo –  full member round table discussion

     Bakumatsu Rock
     Cup cakes are popular in Oedo…. What’s Super Soul Dan’s Valentine situation?

     ■Special supplement

     Six posters
                            The IDOLish7 cover
                             The Ensemble Stars! Meteor corps 

                                The Ensemble Stars! Ra*bits 

                                King of Prism by PrettyRhythm  

                             Ai Chu  

                             Eight of Triangle

      Six short stories
     The Ensemble Stars!/ King of Prism by PrettyRhythm/AiChu/ 
Mofu Dol/BakumatsuRock/Eight of Triangle

     For all who apply:
     IDOLish7 “TRIGGER Pass Case”  


     IDOLish7 “IDOLish7 clear ticket holder”  


     Wow! So much to look forward to! 


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