‘Young Black Jack’ TV anime’s Blu-ray & DVD Vol. 6 release info and special illustration cover out May 26

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Yuichiro Umehara will be a special guest at a June 6 event to launch the release of Vol. 6

ⒸYoung Black Jack Production Committee

     Get a special sneak peek of the special illustration, which will be the cover for Young Black Jack’s Blu-ray & DVD Vol. 6 which will be sold in stores starting May 25th, 2016.

     For the last volume for the series, this volume will include episode 11 – The Gruesome Chronicle Part3 and episode 12 – The Season of Mania. Episode 11 starts off from where the story last ended in Vol. 5 and continues on in ‘The Gruesome Chronicle’ series.  Having lost both his arm and leg in an accident, Hyakki is now forced to move around in a wheelchair with a prosthetic arm. He starts once again by being a surgeon, but desires for vengeance slowly takes a hold of him. In the 12th episode of The Season of Mania’, Kuroo makes a fateful encounter with Eri Imagami, a university student and on the cover jacket, the drawing depicts Emi Imagami and Kuroo who will later be known as ‘Black Jack.’

     In the animate limited edition DVD, an exclusive video interviewing Yuichiro Umehara (voice for Kuroo Hazama) along with other cast members is included. Make sure to keep an eye out for this special version.

     Not only that, to commemorate the launch of ‘Young Black Jack’  Vol. 6 Blu-ray & DVD, Yuichiro Umehara will participate as a special guest at an exclusive event. This event will be help on June 5th, 2016 at the Event Space in Animate Akihabara. Anyone who pre-orders the Vol. 6 Blu-ray &DVD from April 18th, 2016 at animate shops in Akihabara, Ikebukuro, or Shinjuku, will receive event passes for the event. Make sure to join in on the fun. You won’t want to miss it.

     Details :                      

     ■ ‘Young Black Jack’ Blu-ray & DVD Vol.6


     Release date :  May 25th, 2016
     Price :
        Blu-ray Limited Edition : 6,700 yen + tax
        Blu-ray Regular Edition : 6,700 yen + tax 
     Animate Limited Edition Blu-ray + Special DVD : 7,700 yen + tax
     DVD Limited Edition : 6,000 yen + tax 
     DVD Regular Edition : 6,000 yen + tax 
     Animate Limited Edition DVD + Special DVD : 7,000 yen + tax

     Includes : episode 11 – The Gruesome Chronicle Part3
                        episode 12 – The Season of Mania

     Limited Edition Blu-ray&DVD bonus : 
Yugo Okuma special illustration box collection (2) (大熊ゆうご描き下ろし収納BOX) 
End Card pinup #11/#12 (エンドカードピンナップ)
     ・Special booklet 
nding theme video without credits in the way

     Animate Limited Edition Vol. 5 Details : 
TV anime ‘Young Black Jack’ SPECIAL PROGRAM  Episode 6 Yuichiro Umehara (voice of Kuroo Hazama) 
‘Young Heart Jack’  Karte #10Karte #11


‘Young Black Jack’ Vol.6 special launch commemoration event

     Date : June 6th, 2016
     Venue: Animate Akihabara Event Space
     Time : 
           1pm~ (12:30pm assembly) 
pm~ (2:30pm assembly)
     Guest appearance : Yuichiro Umehara (voice for Kuroo Hazama)
     Event detail : an event to hand out the new Vol. 6.
     Participation tickets stores : Animae Akihabara, Animate Ikebukuro, and Animate Shinjuku

     How to participate : From after April 18th, 2016, anyone who pays and reserves the Vol. 6 Blu-rayand DVD, they will receive a participation ticket for the event. Please note that only one participation ticket will be given to each person and as the number of tickets are limited, the handout will finish once there are no longer any tickets.
     ※We kindly ask that you do not resale the tickets or transfer them out.
     ※If we find out any illegal activity, the participation tickets will no long be valid for the event.

     Target products : May 25th, 2016 ‘Young Black Jack’ Vol.6- On Sale 
     Animate Limited Edition Blu-raySpecial DVD: 7,700 yen + tax
     Animate Limited Edition DVDsSpecial DVD: 7,000 yen + tax

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