‘Diabolik Lovers More, Blood’ TV anime series’ 3rd DVD installment cover art is now view-able

2016.04.08 <PASH! PLUS+>

'DLMB' special illustration of Yuma Mukami by the original illustrator, Satoi


     This just in. The special illustration for the sleeve cases for Diabolik Lovers More, Blood DVD Vol. 3 are now available for the Animate Limited Edition and regular Limited Edition.

     The illustration by the original character designer Satoi depicts a beautiful illustration of Yuma Mukami. Not only that, this illustration will also be on the special badges which will be given out as special bonus giveaways.

     If you got Vol. 2 or if you’re looking for something new, then you definitely want to check out the information on DVD Volume 3, and you will enjoy the awesome sleeve case and badge that comes with it.


     Anime ‘Diabolik Lovers More,Blood’ DVD Volume Ⅲ

     Date of release : May 27th, 2016
     Number of main stories : Episode07 – 09
        Animate Limited Edition: 7,500 yen + tax
      Limited Edition: 6,800 yen + tax
      Normal Edition: 4,800 yen + tax

     ▪ Special Bonuses

     • Animate limited version and limited version bonus giveaways
     Additional benefits : Priority sale application ticket for the event (including serial code)
 Picture label
     Bonus CD : Mini drama (starring Kousuke Toriumi, Katsuyuki Konishi, Tatsuhisa Suzuki) Special-sleeve case with illustration from original character designer Satoi (Picture of Yuma Mukami)

     Special booklet
     Special rubber strap, 1 type (picture of Yuma Mukami) * Mini-character drawing
     4 types of special badges (design of Vol. 3 DVD’s package illustration by Satoi and ending card illustrations (3 types)

     Animate limited version benefit
2 types of special-make rubber strapa (Design of Shu Sakamaki, and Rei Sakamaki)
  * Mini-character drawing

     Common benefit with all specifications
 Jacket illustration by character designer, Yuko Yahiro (Design of Yuma Mukami)

     Store-wise original awards
     ∙ Animate (Only with Animate limited version and limited version)

     * Design is the same as the mini-character illustrations on the Animate limited version special rubber strap.

     Original purchase benefit: 2 types of metal badges (Design of Shu Sakamaki and Yuma Mukami)

     ∙ Frontier Works Online Sale (Only with limited edition)
     * Design is the same as the mini-character illustrations on the Animate limited version special-make rubber strap.
 Benefit : Metal badge, 1 type (Design of Yuma Mukami)

     * The benefits are subject to change.

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