‘Hetalia – Singin’ in the World’ The Musical DVD Goes on Sale May 25, 2016

2016.04.30 <PASH! PLUS+>

Disk Jackets, Portraits, and Special Bonus Visuals from Animate are released, plus Special Event Information♪

Standard Edition Disk Jacket ©Hidekazu Himaruya・Gentosha Comics/Hetallia Pro-duction Committee ©Hetallia the Musical Production Committee

     Hetalia-Singin’ in theWorld, the recent stage musical of popular anime Hetalia The World Twinkle, announces the release of two versions of their Musical DVD. The two versions will be a standard and a limited edition jacket version. Both go
on sale May 25, 2016.

     Bonus footage includes backstage making of features, and the Osenshuraku curtain call. Not only that, raffle tickets for special events and cast portraits have been enclosed as a first time bonus privilege.

     What’s more, original Animate sponsored extras include illustrated postcards by Hidekazu Himaruya, featuring Hetallia Italy and the gang.

     Furthermore,  Animate will be holding an event commemorating the DVD sale. Slated guests include Ryoki as Italy and Keisuke Ueda as Japan. Details are on the official Animate website.

     At the DVD sales commemoration event to be held on August 21, it has been announced that Juri Aikawa will appear in the role of France.

     Information on the ‘Hetalia’ DVDs special extras and events, just keep on coming. Check below for more on the reservation info~

     Details :

     DVD  Musical ‘Hetalia-Singin’ in the World’

     ■Standard Edition
     Sale date : May 25, 2016
     Price :  8,900 yen + tax
     Bonus Footage:Making of footage, Osenshuraku Curtain Call
     ExtrasSpecial Event Raffle Tickets, Cast Portrait
     Sold ByHetallia Production Committee
     Distributed ByKADOKAWA Media Factory

     Bonus Portrait Enclosed


     Deluxe Booklet

     ■ Limited Edition Jacket Version.
     ※Sold From : Animate stores, theatres where Pre-orders are allowed  
     Sales date :  May 25, 2016
     Actual price: 8,900 yen + tax
     Bonus footage :  Making of footage, Osenshuraku Curtain Call
     First time production benefits : Special Event Raffle Tickets, Cast Portrait
     Sold By : ‘Hetalia’ Musical Production Committee
     Distributed By : Frontier Works

     Disk Jacket

     Bonus Portrait Enclosed

     ■Animate Special Bonuses
     Hidekazu Himaruya illustrated post cards. Reserve the Limited Edition items at the
     Animate store and receive the following extras with your purchase.

     ●Hetalia Outfits Illustrated Postcards

Animate Sale Commemoration Event
     Guests include Ryoki as Italy and Keisuke Ueda as Japan. Details are on the official Animate website.


     ■DVD Sale Commemoration Event
     Date : August 21, 2016
     Venue :  Kanto Suburbs
     Performers : Ryoki, Keisuke Ueda, Ryuko Isogai, Daisuke Hirose, Juri Aikawa, Taishi Sugie, Taku Kikuchi et al
      ※Cast is subject to change dependent on events.
     How to Participate: Special Event Raffle Tickets are required as mentioned here below.
     (1) For those who reserve a DVD at the venue during the performance. 
 Special Event Raffle Tickets will be distributed with the product.
     ※Reservations through performance venues are currently complete.
     (2) For those who have entered the Special Event Raffle, find it enclosed in Standard Edition DVDs. 
Dates, venues and times are mentioned on the event tickets.


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