TV anime “Sanrio Danshi” 2nd PV has been announced


Everyday lives of Sanrio Boys!

Second PV has been announced from TV anime “Sanrio Danshi”, which will be on air from next January.


This is a media-mix project of illustrating boys who love Sanrio characters. Other than anime, there are Twitter account, manga and game app of same title.


The second video shows boys in everyday lives with some unexpected sides.


Furthermore, its anime staffs were also announced. The anime will be directed by Masashi Kudo, the series will be organized by Takashi Aoshima, characters will be designed by Atsuko Nakajima, sounds will be directed by Hiromi Kikuta and the music will be produced by Jumpei Fujita (Elements Garden). Furthermore, the anime will be produced by Studio Pierrot with cooperation of Studio Pierrot+.



TV anime “Sanrio Danshi (Sanrio Boys)”

Official site:

Official Twitter: @Sdan_Anime



Kouta Hasegawa = Takuya Eguchi

Yuu Mizuno = Soma Saito

Shunsuke Yoshino = Jun Oosuka

Ryou Nishimiya = Hiroyuki Kagura

Seiichirou Minamoto = Yuuma Uchida


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