New anime series “Baki” will be distributed by Netflix from autumn 2018!


Legendary martial arts manga of battles between powerful fighters!


“Baki” series (“Baki the Grappler”, “Baki”, “Baki Hanma” and “Baki-Dou”) is a martial arts manga serializing on Weekly Shonen Champion and its second season “Baki” was decided to be animated and will be distributed worldwide from next autumn (Japanese version will be distributed in next summer).


“Baki” is a martial arts manga which mainly illustrates brawl between protagonist Baki Hanma, who is the youngest champion of underground martial arts tournament, and Yujiro Hanma, who is the father of Baki and “the strongest creature on earth”.


Netflix has distributed many animes made by TMS ENTERTAINMENT such as “Lupin the Third” and this time, it decided to distribute newest animation towards overseas. TMS will continually put strength into distributing animations globally in the future.