“My Hero Academia” Daiki Yamashita Official Interview!


How is the mood or impression of recording the new series?


An official interview of Daiki Yamashita, who is voice actor for Izuku Midoriya has arrived. The new series of “My Hero Academia” will be on air from May 25.

The recording is going well smoothly and 22 casts including Kenta Miyake as All Might, Junichi Suwabe as Shōta Aizawa and Hiroyuki Yoshino as Present Mic gathered at the studio to take commemorative photograph.

Here is the interview by Daiki Yamashita!

–The new series of “My Hero Academia” is coming soon. How do you feel right now?

I’m feeling excited as if the new school year is coming. I’m motivated to perform because many of my favorite scenes are appearing in the new series. At the same time, I’m also a fan of this anime so I’m excited to watch it on TV!


–How did you felt playing Izuku in previous series and how do you feel playing Izuku now?

Izuku overcame many troubles in previous series, and also me myself had many troubles with acting in previous series. I could overcome these troubles by supports of casts, staffs and audiences.

And right now, I’m challenging many new things with Izuku!


–How is the mood or impression of recording?

The very first day of recording new series was like the first day of school after the winter vacation. Atmosphere of the studio was like ‘Okay, let’s study hard to become a magnificent hero!’ and casts for U.A Staffs were taking care of us (laugh).

Furthermore, many new characters are appearing in the new series so we are recording with really good tensed atmosphere.


–The new series starts with a big event of U.A. Sports Festival. What will be the highlight of the event?

All Might, played by Mr. Kenta Miyake showed us an amazing fight in the last part of previous series. We the students of class 1-A felt ‘something’ from him and his battle. We are challenging the sports festival with thoughts of ‘what is the meaning of being a true hero?’

Moreover, some new characters show their ambitions and unique characteristics in the new series. You might be able to watch some 1on1 battles!? Please be looking forward.


–Please give a message to audiences and all ‘Hero-Aca’ fans!

New series is COMING!!! (saying with All Might style) I think this series focuses a lot on U.A students. Characteristics of classmates in 1-A who didn’t appear much in previous series will have chance to show their powers. Some other perspectives such as their dreams in the future and daredevil-fights will catch your heart and mind! 

Let’s go beyond, Plus Ultra! Please continue to support us and the new series of “My Hero Academia”!


“My Hero Academia” 2nd season

On Air: Starting from March 25, 2017, broadcasted by 29 broadcasting stations including YOMIURI TELECASTING CORPORATION and Nippon Television Network Corporation, 5:30pm every Saturday


Original work = Kōhei Horikoshi (serializing on Weekly Shōnen Jump)
Director = Kenji Nagasaki
Series organization = Yōsuke Kuroda (Studio Orphee)
Character design/ Animation supervisor = Yoshihiko Umakoshi
Music = Yuki Hayashi
Animation work = BONES INC.

Izuku Midoriya = Daiki Yamashita
All Might = Kenta Miyake
Katsuki Bakugō = Nobuhiko Okamoto
Ochako Uraraka = Ayane Sakura
Tenya Iida = Kaito Ishikawa
Shōto Todoroki = Yūki Kaji
Tsuyu Asui = Aoi Yūki
Minoru Mineta = Ryō Hirohashi
Momo Yaoyorozu = Marina Inoue
Fumikage Tokoyami = Yoshimasa Hosoya
Eijiro Kirishima = Toshiki Masuda
Denki Kaminari = Tasuku Hatanaka
Shōta Aizawa = Junichi Suwabe
Present Mic = Hiroyuki Yoshino
Tomura Shigaraki = Kōki Uchiyama
and more