Sheryl Nome Came Back with New Song! Brand New PV with Fascinating Belly Dance!


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“Sheryl Nome”, who is a galactic idol appeared in “Macross Frontier” came back with a new song “Go~~jasu (gorgeous)”. The song was released to commemorate 35th anniversary of “Macross” series. 

PV shows Sheryl in “belly dancer” costume with exotic atmosphere and Arabian theme. One of the sexiest video with Sheryl’s miraculous voice brought out her renewed attractiveness. 

・“Go~~jasu (gorgeous)”
Composition, arrangement = Yoko Kanno
Song = Sheryl Nome starring May’n


・Promotion Video
Director = Shoji Kawamori
Animation director = Satoru Fujimoto
Art director = Miki Yoshikawa
Costume design, illustration = Lisa Ebata
Animation work = SATELIGHT
sheryl_0011-1024x576 sheryl_0021-1024x576 sheryl_004-1024x576 sheryl_0031-1024x576sheryl_005-1024x576

 ©2017 ビックウエスト


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