“Yuri!!! on ICE” Comments on Music by Music Production Team!(Sequel)


Introducing some pieces of music in China competition and Russia Competition♪

Emil Nekola FS
“Anastasis” (3:42)
Taro Umebayashi

The theme for this program was ‘Cyberpunk, I’m done with mankind.’ so I added classical techno style on contemporary electro sound to inspire the vision of universal and future. I think I integrated the dramatic extensibility into this music.

Q.What is the word uttered in this music?

It’s saying ‘Drop’.


Michele Crispino SP
“’L’homme Armé’ from a movie Destiny Of Knight
Taku Matsushiba

The theme of this music was ‘Knight’s Code of Chivalry’. Michele loves his sister so I and Mr. Matsushiba made this music with an image of triumphant return of a loyal and noble knight. However, the first demo sounded like “Mito Kōmon (Japanese historical period drama)” (laugh). We had to raise an octave to lighter the sound to make it sound more like European. We integrated the image of a sword because it was a common image of a knight and matches for the choreography. The image of sword reminded us of the colosseum, so we added the roar of a fierce animal as a target to test the braveness of a knight. Rhythm and sound effect arranges are by Nozomu Yoneda, same as Guang-Hong’s FS. It’s solid and exaggerating in a good way, and has an impact.


Michele Crispino FS
“Serenade for Two” (3:36)
Taro Umebayashi & Taku Matsushiba featuring Wouter Hamel

 This is the first music produced by a collaboration of Mr. Umebayashi and Mr. Matsushiba. With a beautiful performance of Ensemble FOVE, this music has achieved really high level. The melodic theme and melody Mr. Umebayashi wrote were really well-made and the orchestra arrange by Mr. Matsushiba has elaborated their ideas into beautiful and dreamy arrange. Junichiro Taku’s flute performance is also impressive and wonderful.

The lyric by ‘sugar me’ has done a wonderful work too. It’s written in very straight words but can be taken as different meaning, which is very smart. This English lyric has enhanced the atmosphere of Michele and Sara’s forbidden love.

Vocalist is a jazz prince from Holland called Wouter Hamel. He is also known as “Frank Sinatra in latest generation” and the way he sang fitted perfectly to the song. It was lucky to be sung by him.

The technique, time and cost taken to finish this music were enormous. I think it’s one of the highest leveled and most luxurious music in Yuri!!!. However, this music only appeared once in the anime (laugh). I want many people to listen again to this song.


Jean-Jacques Leroy SP
“Theme of King JJ” (3:42)
Taro Umebayashi featuring Linus Norda

This music has North American view of the world. I arranged this song with an image of royal road and rushing groove, which made it to have clear sounds but danceable groove at same time. Strings arrange were also simple but it’s very catchy. The song was sung by Swede vocalist Linus Norda. He is widely known in Japan as a vocalist of “We Laugh We Dance We Cry” by Rusmus Faber. I first knew his as a vocalist of the song I just said, but I was surprised to know his skill of singing by listening to his other songs sang in other styles. This made me to decide him as a singer of this song. By working really hard on mixing with engineer Hiroaki Sato, the mix work for this music became most satisfied piece of work. 

The band performances were by Yasuo Sato (Drums), Susumu Nishikawa (Guitar) and Masato Suzuki (Bass). They are all shrewd musicians in Japan and works for so many popular artists. The piano was by Mr. Matsushiba. Most of background music, including Michele’s FS “Serenade for Two” are performed by the same team.

This is a story about another anime, but the theme song “Sakamichi no melody” from “Kids on the Slope” was performed by same 3 musicians. The song was written by Ms. Kanno and sang by YUKI. These 3 musicians are talented to make the groovy atmosphere, though the song has speedy tempo.

Q.Tell us about its impressive lyric! 

This lyric is also written by ‘sugar me’. I made the rough draft of the song with Ms. Kubo and producer Yamamoto, and told her the essences and JJ’s characteristic. Then she changed it into English lyric. His characteristic of self-consciousness is hard for Japanese to understand, but it was very well written. The words and sounds fits perfectly within the melody and his narcissistic poem like “I look in the mirror, the king looks back at me” are sang in very high tone which I love it. ‘sugar me’ is also a singer and songwriter so she understands the motivation and feelings of vocalist, which made her to write this very good lyric.

After all the demo tapes for programs were made, Ms. Kubo told us that ‘there were so many types of music, but I can’t forget the SP song for JJ’ and I was feeling exactly the same thing (laugh). The song first appears as a fresh sound but it has very strong impact at the same time.


Jean-Jacques Leroy FS
“Partizan Hope”
Taro Umebayashi

When we were making the music, we called them with temporary titles, and we called JJ’s SP music ‘North American Rock’ and FS ‘North American Soundtrack’. Making JJ’s song was mostly about ‘we have to make it sound clearly like North American music!’ The word ‘Partizan’ in the title means ‘a group of people with strong will and power’ and by translating the word literally, it means more like ‘party of hope’. It’s to praise JJ and all the other skater’s powerfulness and brightness. This song shares the same purpose to the opening theme “History Maker”.

 I can’t forget when Mr. Tominaga was conducting with humming the song. I can say this to all the products, but this kind of direction has leaded the music itself to be a wonderful piece of work with a strong structure and links to the animation. (Umebayashi)