“Yuri!!! on ICE” Comments on Music by Music Production Team!(Sequel)


Introducing some pieces of music in China competition and Russia Competition♪

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TV anime “Yuri!!! on ICE” is enhancing its wonderfulness with many pieces of music. We have interviewed music producer Keisuke Tominaga (PIANO), compositor Taro Umebayashi and Taku Matsushiba to hear about their music’s attractiveness and secret stories of producing them. We are now introducing some comments which could not be on PASH! for January on PASH! PLUS! Let’s start the last half! 

*comments below without names on them are by Mr. Tominaga
*comments with * are annotations by editorial staff
*SP means Short Program and FS means Free Skating


Keisuke Tominaga

Born in 1978, place of birth is Yokohama. Music producer.
Graduated from photography course, Nihon University College of art. After retiring music production GRANDFUNK, established PIANO inc. in 2012. Representative director. Interested in sea fishing.
Principal products are TV anime series “Terror in Resonance”, “Space☆Dandy” and “Kids on the Slope”.


Taro Umebayashi

Born in 1980, place of birth is Tokyo. Songwriter and music compositor.
Graduated from Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts and studied songwriting and orchestral music.
Released 1st album “greeting for the sleeping seeds” from Rallye Lable as an artist [milk].


Taku Matsushiba

Born in 1991, place of birth is Osaka. Songwriter and musician.
After graduating from The Music High School Attached to the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, studied at Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts and completed master’s course of songwriting.
Mainly analyzing and performing contemporary music, but widely committing to such as orchestration and commercial music by using his conduction skill.


Georgi Popovich FS
“A Tales of Sleeping Prince” (3:37)
Taro Umebayashi featuring AISHA

 The sense of melody and phrasing of strings were by Mr. Umebayashi and they outstand a lot in this music. The main vocal was by AISHA. Working with her makes me always peaceful and we could record her relaxing and powerful voice. By the way, mannish chorus parts were sang by The Soulmatics, who have played in the song “Shall We Skate?”

 The lyric was by ‘sugar me’. She has presented the gospel-ish world of love and the atmosphere of god-fearing with her words. The title she made “A Tales of Sleeping Prince” is being a paradoxical metaphor towards Georgi’s SP and FS. I like it.


Leo de la Iglesia SP
“Still Alive” (2:10)
Taro Umebayashi featuring MATT CAB & WISE

The music arrangement was by Tomonori Hayashibe, who arranged the music “Shall We Skate?” I like his powerful and solid beat arrangement. Even the mix work for this music was done by him, which made me to feel that he is a super talented person with wonderful techniques.

We offered Mr. MATT CAB to sing in this music, because he had the fresh voice of singing pops in English, which was needed for R&B. I haven’t noticed anything about him except for his voice and some songs, but I was told that he was from San Francisco, which is same to Leo. I thought that was perfect!

 The rap part was done by WISE and I knew him even before making this song. I told him the image and gave him the 8 bars to write the lyric freely. What he came up with was a wonderful lyric with his fantastic voice!! The lyric captured my emotion. There are some scenes which Leo is quoting some lines from this lyric. This was like a session between anime and music, which was really fun during the production.


Christophe Giacometti SP
“Intoxicated” (2:09)
Taro Umebayashi featuring Jovette Rivera

To make this music, I listened again to ‘Prince’ and ‘Serge Gainsbourg’. This made me to feel that ‘reducing tempo will make the music to have an adult atmosphere’, ‘starting the performance with showing the contrast of high and low speed, strong and week sounds, and finishing with guitar-solo might be really emotional’ and ‘breath with low tone like Barry White must be recorded in this music (by the way the breathing sound in this music is mine)’. These ideas were arranged by Mr. Umebayashi and been changed into even greater product. The sound of bass was slappy (* performing with slapping the strings) and the guitar was sticky. His obsessions towards making “erotic sounds” really appeared through this music.

‘sugar me’ has written an erotic but elegant lyric, which helped the song to develop further. The song was by Jovette Rivera, all orchestra sounds were by Mr. Umebayashi with live performance and arranged with computer program.


Christophe Giacometti FS
“Rapsodie Espagnole”
Conducted by Taku Matsushiba, Ensemble FOVE

This song has the characteristic of 2 time Habanera-ish groovy rhythm. Mr. Matsushiba loves soul/R&B artist called D’angelo and he knows a lot about this type of music/groove. I think he is genius that he even knows the way of conducting to make the sound of soul/R&B. I have never heard of a classic player who goes to D’angelo’s performance every time when he comes to Japan. He is a latitudinous man.

Q.Same titled music “Rapsodie Espagnole” is played by Franz Liszt, Maurice Ravel and others. Did any of these songs inspired you while making the music?

Talking about classical music, the Spanish music has grown its popularity in some time in history. This music does get descended from them, but it’s more like influenced by their essence of ‘exotic atmosphere’. I can say that ‘this is a music which transforms within the same rhythm’ like bolero and La valse.


Seung Gil Lee SP
“Almavivo” (2:16)
Taku Matsushiba

The brasses were by Yoichi Murata’s team, which were the same team played in “Minami’s Boogie”. The trumpet-solo part at the beginning of the music was by Koji Nishimura, who is a veteran trumpeter. His play of phrases and creating contrasts were fantastic and made the music to be emotional.


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