‘Shonen Maid’s Madoko and Chihiro Have Been Living Together for 2 Years Now… What Has Changed and What Has Not for Chihiro?

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He now enters 2 years as a maid

     In anime Shonen Maid, Chihiro is a boy who does not look like a 5th year elementary school student at first glance. He officially works at his uncle, Mr. Madoko Takatori’s, house as a housekeeper. He is little shy. From the beginning in his new home, he has not been used to being pampered. However as time goes on, he becomes less and less reserved around his uncle. He even receives Christmas presents (although they are always vacuums). Day by day,Chihiro starts showing new sides of his personality, such as how he used to be scared living alone at night, because of trauma from watching horror films.

      Every day is the same!


     For Chihiro, who loves to clean, both when he was living with his mother and now living with Takatori’s family, his work (his favorite job) has not changed. He’s used to his job now and cleans whatever is asked of him.

     A new daily life!


There are always guests in this house. For Chihiro who used to live without his mother, every single day is busy now. This is his first experience working. When he has to be there in the house to welcome the guests or to receive phone calls, he feels extremely alone in the mansion.

     2 years have passed since the first meeting between Chihiro and his uncle. His same stale lifestyle doesn’t seem to change but yet it has changed. How will this story unfold?



     Shonen Maid

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     ⓒOtotachibana・Kadokawa/Shonen Maid Production Committee

     Staff :
     Original Work : Ototachibana (serialized in Kadokawa’s B’s-Log Comic)
     Director : Yusuke Yamamoto
     Series Composition : Yoshiko Nakamura
     Character Design : Kana Ishida
     Animation Production : 8 Bit

     Cast :
     Chihiro Komiya : Natsumi Fujiwara
     Madoka Takatori : Nobunaga Shimazaki
     Keiichirō Shinozaki : Tomoaki Maeno
     Miyako Ōtori : Yui Makino
     Yūji Hino : Mitsuki Saiga, and others

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