New Anime ‘Classicaloid’ Announces Tomokazu Sugita, Yuuki Kaji, and Tomoaki Maeno as Official Cast for Upcoming October NHK E TV Airing

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Daisuke Asakura will be the new music producer and many comments from the cast and staff are now available


     A new TV anime series, Classicaloid is set for broadcast on NHK E TV. The most recent updates were shared on June 29th, 2016, which is know as the ‘day of music’ here in Japan. Now we have the latest scoop on the October broadcast, character visuals, and details about the staff and cast members involved in this project. Plus, we have the newest cast member names of those who have officially been selected, including popular voice actors like Tomokazu Sugita and Yuuki Kaji.

     Trending now! New character visuals!

Visuals for the main characters have just been released and they include the following: Mikako Komatsu (voice of Kanae Otowa), Nobunaga Shimazaki (voice of Sosuke Kagura), plus two additional voice actors Mamiko Noto (voice of Liszt) and Tomoaki Maeno (voice of Schubert).

     ◆Beethoven (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita)

     ◆Mozart (voiced by Yuuki Kaji)

     ◆Kanae Otowa (voiced by Mikako Komatsu)

     ◆Sosuke Kagura (voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki)

     ◆Chopin (voiced by Kousuke Toriumi)

     ◆Liszt (voiced by Mamiko Noto)

Schubert (voiced by Tomoaki Maeno)

     Comments from Tomokazu Sugita and Yuuki Kaji

We’ve received exclusive messages from both voice actors, sharing their excitement to be part of this project and a personal message to all the fans. Keep on reading for more details.

     ◆Tomokazu Sugita (voice of Beethoven)
     I feel so lucky to have been given this amazing opportunity and believe that every encounter that has come through this experience is by fate. I hope that everyone will enjoy watching the TV anime series and continue to share in this wonderful experience with us.

     ◆Yuuki Kaji(voice of Mozart)
     I want to give my very best in this anime series and hope you will all watch the series.

     Comments from the music producer :

In this series, Classicaloids have a special power over music known as ‘musik’ and this mysterious power is what creates the unimaginable chaos that stirs up various levels of competition, rivalry, battle, and mad chaos, while at the same time holding the key to bringing people closer together. Joining the list of staff members are Daisuke Asakura, who is the newest music producer, along with Tomoyasu Hotei.

     ◆Tomoyasu Hotei (in charge of Beethoven)
     I hope that viewers will enjoy getting a glimpse inside the head of the musical geniuses and the masterminds that created the vast and imaginative world through the use of music. It’s a fantastical world and I know that everyone will get a kick out of the rock star version of Beethoven.

     ◆tofubeats (in charge of Mozart)
     Some may have this idea that because the series is based on the theme of classical music, the series is going to be serious and toned-down, but I’m sure you will enjoy the series if you watch it without those expectations. The eclectic group of personalities for each of the characters bring in an exciting and entertaining light into the world of music, and I’m positive that everyone will have a great time watching it.

     ◆Tsunku (つんく♂) (in charge of Bach ) :
     I hope this series is a project that viewers will enjoy watching the anime and listening to the music. There are many music producers who are involved in this TV series, but it was such a privilege to be one of the music producers. I had so much fun making music for this series and I think viewers will get to see that. It felt like one of those rare and exciting projects that you’d be happy to stay the whole night working on. I hope you all enjoy this TV anime series by listening, watching, and remembering the details.

     ◆Daisuke Asakura(in charge of Liszt ) :
     ‘Oh! As long as you can love, love!’
     I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing project and to be in charge of creating music for Liszt. I hope you will all enjoy listening to the music!

     Joining the amazing voice actors and music producers, are the impressive group of staff members. Directing this series is well-known Yoichi Fujita, who has worked on ‘Gintama’ and ‘Osomatsu-san. Makoto Tsuchibayashi is the characters’ original planner and illustrator, and the series organizer is Ichirou Sakaki. Plus new updates shared that Masashi Hamauzu will be the music director.

     classicaloid_20160629_image02 classicaloid_20160629_image03

     Now, you can also watch part two of the teaser trailer that was just released. Make sure to keep an eye out for Beethoven and Mozart!

     Details :

     TV Animation Classica Loid – New 2016 Anime

On Air : Starting October, 2016 on NHK E TV (Eテレ)

     Staff :
     Director : Yoichi Fujita
     Character original plan : Makoto Tsuchibayashi
     Character design : Seiichi Hashimoto
     Series organizer : Ichirou Sakaki, Michihiro Tsuchiya
     Screenplay : Shu Matsubara, Kei Kogure, Tsuyoshi Kita, Miya Asakawa
     Music : Masashi Hamauzu
     Music Producer : Tomoyasu Hotei (in charge of Beethoven), tofubeats (in charge of Mozart), Tsunku (つんく♂) (in charge of Bach ), Daisuke Asakura (in charge of Liszt )
     Animation : Sunrise
     Production : NHK Enterprise
     Production・Copyright : NHK・BN Pictures

     Cast :
     Beethoven : Tomokazu Sugita
     Mozart : Yuuki Kaji
     Kanae Otowa : Mikako Komatsu
     Sosuke Kagura : Nobunaga Shimazaki
     Chopin : Kousuke Toriumi
     Liszt : Mamiko Noto
     Schubert : Tomoaki Maeno
     and more. . .

     Website :
     twitter : @Classica_BNP

     Story :
     Kanae and Sosuke are high schoolers who live in a suburban city which has been taken over with music, when Beethoven and Mozart unexpectedly appear. Calling themselves as being ‘Classicaloids’, the mysterious duo seem to hold an unexplained power when they play their music known as ‘musik.’ The city slowly gets taken over by unbelievable phenomenons like shooting stars and crazy, huge robots, and everything seems to be in mad chaos. Bach, Lizst, Chopin, and Schubert, who are also ‘Classicaloids’ join in the mix. What is the secret behind this power that they possess and can they be trusted among humans?

     Watch the series to find out!

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