‘Trickster- From Edogawa Ranpo’s The Boy Detectives Club’ – the New TV Anime Series is in Production

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Scheduled to Air in October 2016- Daiki Yamashita to play Yoshio Kobayashi and Ryota Osaka to play Kensuke Hanazaki

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     Attention to all Edogawa Ranpo fans, as the popular classical Japanese writer’s The Boy Detectives Club novel series, is going to be made into a TV anime series.

     The official title for the TV anime series will be titled, Trickster – From Edogawa Ranpo’s The Boy Detectives Club, and will air on Tokyo MX, Yomiuri TV, and BS11 in October 2016.

     In Trickster – From Edogawa Ranpo’s The Boy Detectives Club, we meet Yoshio Kobayashi, a young boy who’s interests are piqued by ‘the haze of mystery,’ and for some in-explainable reason ends up with ‘a body that can’t die.’ Along with his partner in crime, Kensuke Hanazaki, leader of The Boys Detectives Club, each of the characters are portrayed with many deep layers in a very bold and daring way. The plot is set after the Olympics, sometime in the year 203X in Tokyo. Yoshio and Kensuke meet one another, and before long, they’re thrown into a series of events involving the infamous and master criminal known as the ‘Fiend of Twenty Faces’ and Akechi Kogoro, a brilliant but slightly eccentric detective. This new encounter with The Fiend and Akechi Kogoro begins a new chapter in Yoshio and Kensuke’s lives.

     Daiki Yamashita will voice Yoshio Kobayashi and Ryota Osaka will voice Kensuke Hanazaki.  Enjoy looking at the character visuals, character introductions, and the special comments from the cast.

     Yoshio Kobayashi (14 years old) :
     He is A young boy who becomes obsessed with the ‘haze of mystery’ and ends up in a body that cannot die. Because of this, he continues to hurt everyone around him, causing him to be extremely suicidal. Personality-wise, he is very rebellious, and is foulmouthed.

     Comments by Daiki Yamashita (voice of Yoshio Kobayashi)
     I play the role of a young boy who carries a considerable load of weight and burdens for someone as young as he is. At first glance, he seems quite mature for his age, but there are moments where you can see glimpses of his sweet, more innocent side. It might even be the case that he acts younger that his actual age. I’m excited to portray the different sides of Yoshio, and I can’t wait to see how he changes throughout the series.

     Kensuke Hanazaki (15 years old) :
     He has admired and looked up to Akechi Kogoro since he was eight years old. He is part of ‘The Boys Detectives Club,’ and rather than thinking with his head, he prefers to act on instinct. You might say that he’s naturally spacey.

     Comments by Ryota Osaka (voice of Kensuke Hanazaki) :
     Kensuke Hanazaki is a pretty optimistic character, and to be honest, I think he quite enjoys living every day with the drama that’s going on around him. I have a sneaky suspicion that there’s something else going on within him that we don’t know about, but even if that isn’t there, I think he’s going to be a really neat character to portray and witness.

     The director is Masahiro Mukai, known for Hyperdimension Neptunia, and the screenwriter organizer is Erika Yoshida, who has worked on Tiger & Bunny and Heroine Shikkaku. The character designer is Peach-Pit, who has helped out with projects like Rosen Maiden and Shugo Chara! also known as My Guardian Characters, and the animation character designer is Shinya Yamada, who supervised the designs for Your Lie in April. Yuuki Hayashi is in charge of music and is known for working on Haikyu!! and My Hero Academia. The project is produced by TMS Entertainment Co. and Shin-ei Animation Co.

     Keep reading to see what character designer, Peach-Pit had to say about the project!

     Comments by Character designer Peach-Pit :
I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this project ever since it was still in the early stages of planning. We spent endless hours discussing about the character details and after a lot revisions, the characters slowly began to take shape. After getting the approval from the director, everyone was really enthusiastic about getting started, and the characters really came to life once Shinya Yamada began to animate our designs. Thinking of how far we’ve come in this process, and thinking about all the growth and changes the characters will go through in the series to come is very exciting. I cannot wait to see the final version and see what happens to the story!

     Make sure to watch the first clip of Peach-Pit’s design visual.

     Promotional Video Part 1

     The manga adaptation by Mantohihi Binta is scheduled to be released on June 20th, 2016, plus more exclusive details and visuals will become available as well.

     This new and exciting series is definitely a must-see you won’t want to miss, so keep an eye out for more upcoming news and updates.

     Details :

     Trickster-From Edogawa Ranpo’s The Boy Detectives Club
         – the Brand New TV Anime Series

On Air : will air in October on Tokyo MX, Yomiuri TV, and BS11
     Website :  http://trickster-project.com/anime
     Twitter :  @trickster_anime

     Staff :
     Director :  Masahiro Mukai
     Screenwriter organizer :  Erika Yoshida
     Character designer :  PEACH-PIT
     Animation character designer :  Shinya Yamada
     Music :  Yuuki Hayashi
     Animation production :  TMS Entertainment Co. and Shin-ei Animation Co

     Cast :
     Yoshio Kobayashi :  Daiki Yamashita
     Kensuke Hanazaki :  Ryota Osaka

     Story :
     A boy chooses the life of a detective, so that he can finally die…

     It is the year 203X, and ‘The Boys Detectives Club’ meets up with the eccentric detective, Akechi Kogoro. They’ve seen various cases and have even solved many of them.

     One day, one of the members, Kensuke Hanazaki, meets a mysterious young boy named Yoshio Kobayashi. With nothing other than his name to identify himself with, Yoshio shares that he is unable to die. This makes him suicidal, and he cuts people out from his life. Curious to know more about him, Kensuke invites Yoshio to join ‘The Boys Detectives Club.’

     A new chapter in their lives begin, as they encounter the master criminal known as the ‘Fiend of Twenty Faces’…

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