‘orange’ the Brand New TV anime series now out with a New Visual Book

2016.05.25 <PASH! PLUS+>

Beautiful image boards are also available, plus get the backstory

©Takano strawberry-Futabasha/orange Production Committee

     A brand new visual book for the TV anime series, orange is now complete and available for everyone’s eyes.

     This visual book captures the open and vast scenic locations in Matsumoto city, in Nagano prefecture. In the special illustration, the character designer Yuki Nobuteru, has drawn Naho, Kakeru, Hiroto, Azusa, Takako, and Saku all looking up into the sky on the Chikuma bridge, which is located in the eastern part of Matsumoto city. Below the bridge is the Susuki river, and in the distance is one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan, known as Utsukushigahara Highland.

     Among the clear blue sky appears the catch phrase, ‘my future tears helped me change,’ which helps to represent the meaning of friendship, the pain that love can bring, and the risks you need to take in life in order to change your future.

     There are also special sneak peeks into places that hold a deep meaning for Naho and Kakeru such as ‘Agata Forest Park,’ as well as an image board of Naho’s bedroom. You can take a look at the actual image and compare it with the image board, and you will notice the great details that were put in to make these visuals breathtakingly beautiful.

     Agata Forest Park・Image board

     Agata Forest Park・Actual view

     Naho’s bedroom・Image board

     Details :

     ‘orange’ TV anime series – visual book

     On Air : Starting in July 2016
     URL : http://orange-anime.com
     Twitter : @AnimationOrange

     Staff :
     Original work : Ichigo Takano (Futabasha ‘Monthly Action’ series)
     Director : Hiroshi Hamasaki
     Screenplay : Yuko Kakihara
     Character design : Yuuki Nobuteru
     Sound Director : Yukio Nagasaki
     Music : Hiroaki Tsutsumi
     Animation Production : Telecom・Animation Film 
     Production cooperation : TMS ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD

     Cast :
     Naho Takamiya : Kana Hanazawa
     Kakeru Naruse : Seiichirou Yamashita 
     Hiroto Suwa : Furukawa Makoto
     Azusa Murasaka : Natsumi Takamori
     Takako Chino : Rika Kinugawa
     Saku Hagita : Kazuyuki Okitsu         
         and others

     Story :
     It is Naho’s second year in high school and she receives a letter.
     The sender is from herself 10 years in the future.

     At first, she thinks that someone is pulling a prank,
     but she soon discovers that the things written in the letter slowly become a reality.

     How she will fall in love with Kakeru. . .
     And how at age 17, he will die in the winter.

     After finding out the regret that Naho is left with at the future age of 26, will Naho at age 16 be able to change fate and the sad future that is coming for her?

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