‘Shounen Maid’ Ending Song & Poster Visuals Revealed

2016.03.14 <PASH! PLUS+>

Live Prelude Show on Nico Nico Live

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     The ending theme song for the anime, Shounen maid will be, Zutto Only You by the Uchouten Boys. This
was announced live. on the March 14, 2016 live Nico Nico broadcast titled, Uchouten Nico Live. The key poster visual was also revealed.

     The Uchouten Boys are a 3-member idol group made up of the youngest characters appearing in the
anime who include: Ryuuji (voiced by Natsuki Hanae), the reliable leader Hayato (Yashiro Taku) and the Prince perfect Ibuki (Kazutomi Yamamoto). The CD of the song is scheduled for launch on May 25, 2016.

     There’ll also be a special Nico Nico Live prelude, to the beginning of the TV anime version of Shonen Maid, which will begin airing on
April 4 at 9 pm. Main characters including Natsumi Fujiwara who plays Chihiro Komiya, Nobunaga Shimazaki who plays Madoka Takatori and Tomoaki Maeno who plays Keiichirou Shinozaki will be in appearance. There will be a talk introducing the work and points of interest from the first episode will be revealed. Details of this special program will be on the official website.

     Also, Yashiro Taku who plays Hayato and Kazutomi Yamamoto who plays the role of Ibuki in the Uchouten
Boys, will feature in the first episode of Uchouten Nico Live, which is a bi-weekly spinoff project to be broadcast starting April 11th on Nico Nico Live. Natsumi Fujiwara, who plays the protagonist Chihiro Komiya, will also join as a guest.


     Shounen Maid

     ■Ending theme song, ‘Zutto Only You’
     Artists : Uchouten Boys (Ryuji voiced by Natsuki Hanae, Hayato voiced by Taku Yashiro, Ibuki voiced by Kazuomi Yamamoto)
     Release Date :  May 25, 2016 (Wed)
     Price :  1,620 yen (tax included)

     ■TV anime ‘Shounen Maid’ prelude on Nico Nico Live
     Broadcast : April 7 (Thursday) Starring: Natsumi Fujiwara (voiced by Chihiro Komiya), Nobunaga Shimazaki (voiced by Takatori Yen), and Tomoaki Maeno (voiced by Keiichiro Shinozaki)

     ■TV anime ‘Shounen Maid’ spinoff program ‘Uchouten Nico Live’
     Date : April 11, 2016 (Mon) 9 pm to 10pm
     Details : # 1 broadcast, Taku Yashiro of Uchouten Boys (Hayato), Kazuomi Yamamoto of Uchouten Boys (Ibuki) will appear as their role personality (Ryuji role Natsuki Hanae has a day off). And Natsumi Fujiwara will appear as Chihiro Komiya in the role of the guest

     Email : uchoten_boys@columbia.co.jp
     We’re waiting for your thoughts on ‘Shounen Maid’ and your messages to the ‘Uchouten BOYS’, which will all go to the Whisper to the Uchouten boys corner!  

     ●Whisper to the Uchouten boys corner!  
     The 3 Uchouten BOYS are heard whispering at the end of ‘Zutto Only You’.  We’d like you to send in lines or situations for these whispers to the ‘Uchouten BOYS’ on ‘Uchouten Nicosei’.
Winning lines will be actually whispered in real situations. Take a look at the following example and make sure to apply

     Example : When I have failed at work, or when I am depressed because of something… whisper to me: ‘I like you when you don’t give up’.… We’re waiting for your messages!

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