From New TV Anime ‘Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro’ Come Hot Deep Fried Cast Comments

2016.03.03 <PASH! PLUS+>

Set To Air On Tokyo MX and Other Stations

ⒸIipyao・Yuujirou Koyama/Shueshia・Tonkatsu DJ Production Committee

     Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro, which is running in Shonen Jump+ is about Agetaro Katsumata, a third generation
tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet) restaurateur who aims to come of age as both a tonkatsu cook and DJ.

     Daiki Yamashita (as Agetaro Katsumata)

     tonkatu_201603_02 tonkatu_201603_09

     ◆Impressions and enthusiasm about the character they play:
I think Agetaro is a modern, cheerful young boy. He always complains about his family but also helps them out. At heart, he seriously searches for excitement through his tonkatsu, along with passionately trying new things to broaden himself. I really hope I can express this well through my performance!

     ◆Message to viewers:
Because it’s a short form anime, it’s got a real nice tempo and I think watching it will make people feel good. I think after watching this anime, everybody will come out feeling nice and crispy!

     Koji Ishii (as Agesaku Katsumata)

     tonkatu_201603_03 tonkatu_201603_10

     ◆ Impressions and enthusiam about the character they play:
If I had to sum him up, he’s a stubborn old codger devoted to his craft. However, since this is directed by Akitaro Daichi, it can’t be that simple, now can it? I’m really grappling with how to make this stereotypical character less of a stereotype.

     ◆Message to viewers:
This seems like a show that the music industry would be chomping at the bit to get involved in, so I look forward to seeing how it turns out along with the music. I hope that everyone is looking forward to it.

     Kenjiro Tsuda (in the role of Shugo Shinobuhori)

     tonkatu_201603_04 tonkatu_201603_11

     ◆ Impressions and enthusiam about the character they play:
Shinobuhori is pretty flashy, but is a nice guy who takes life at his own pace. He likes to keep it loose and easy, so I’ll try hard to……not try hard, I guess. (laughs).

     ◆Message to viewers:
I hope people will enjoy the show with a bunch of grins and chuckles! Thanks for your support!

     Kenji Fujiwara (as DJ Oily)
     tonkatu_201603_05 tonkatu_201603_12

     ◆ Impressions and enthusiam about the character they play:
He looks unreliable but is a decent guy. I’ll do my best to try to capture the magic of the comic and vision of the director.

     ◆Message to viewers:
The show should be pretty interesting. I hope everyone watches, including my performance.

     M · A · O (as Sonoko Hattori)

     tonkatu_201603_06 tonkatu_201603_13

     ◆ Impressions and enthusiam about the character they play:
Sonoko Hattori is a fashionable girl, and seems like a bright and cheerful girl. I will do my best to bring out my character’s charm.

     ◆Message to viewers:
Reading it, I got the feeling that it makes you want to look forward to and embrace your challenges in live. Plus it burns calories (laughs). Please look forward to see how it comes across in the anime!

     Takashi Matsuyama (as Goro Mizokuro)

     tonkatu_201603_07 tonkatu_201603_14

     ◆ Impressions and enthusiam about the character they play:
I hope this anime airs for 10 years! Maybe then I’ll figure out why women are afraid of me! Yo, Apache! Let’s Go!!

     ◆Message to viewers:
Hey, guys. This anime’s the real deal. You won’t be able to get enough of it!

     Chafurin (as DJ Big Master Fly)

     tonkatu_201603_08 tonkatu_201603_15

     ◆ Impressions and enthusiam about the character they play:
Legendary DJ Master Fly definitely comes off like a God or The Buddha. I’m trying to play him with a mysterious feel.

     ◆ Message to viewers:
I love tonkatsu myself and eat at this super tasty restaurant once a week. I hope everyone really gets excited with the tonkatsu and music!

     In addition, the TV stations airing the show are set! It will be shown at 10:15 pm from April 10th on TOKYO MX. Yomiuri TV, Chukyo TV and BS11 are set to air it as well. Broadcast dates will be announced later so please check back for more info.

     Details :
     ■Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro – Mini TV Animation Premiere

     Broadcast InfoBegins April 10, 2016 Sunday Nights at 10:15 pm on TOKYO MX. Also on Yomiuri TV,Chukyo TV and BS11
     ※Broadcast times subject to change

     Original Creator : IipyaoYuujirou KojimaSerialized in Shonen Jump+ 
     Director : Akitaro Daichi 
     Music : Daisuke FujiwaraMU-STARS/MU-STAR GROUP 
     Animation Production : Studio Deen

     Agetaro Katsumata : Daiki Yamashita 
     Agesaku Katsumata : Koji Ishii 
     DJ Oily : Keiji Fujiwara
     Shugo Shinobuhori : Kenjirou Tsuda 
     Goro Mizokuro : Takashi Matsuyama 
     Sonoko Hattori : MAO
     DJ Big Master Fly : Chafurin


     ■TV Anime Broadcast Commemoration DJ Event LARDCITY
DateApril 18, 2016;  Record Store Day
     VenueShibuya WombStanding Room Only
     Appearances byTonkatsu DJ Agetaro, Daisuke Fujiwara,MU-STARS/MU-STAR GROUP,Yummy, tofubeats, DJ Mizushiro and MC Gohan
     Begins4 pmFinishes500 pm
     Ticket Prices3,000 yenDrinks Sold Separately
     In Cooperation WithRecord Store Day Japan
     Advance Tickets Now on Sale at Official Website.
     Ticket Lottery Drawing  : From February 29 at 2:29 pm to March 6 at 11 pm    
     Lottery Ticket and Admission Ticket Exchange : From March 8 at 3 pm to March 13 at 11pm

     Bonus for Vistors : Lard City’s Specialty One Lard (contains a lard-shaped eraser)

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