‘Handa-kun’ Brand New 2016 TV anime out with new Key Visuals

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Character setting images for main characters Handa, Kawafuji, Aizawa, Nikaido, and more

©Yoshinosatsuki / Square Enix, solder-kun Production Committee

     Have you heard the news? The upcoming TV anime series, Handa-kun which will be air beginning in July 2016, just released their latest anime visuals, including full-colored visuals of the main characters.

     Handa-kun is a spin-off anime adaptation of the original series Barakamon by Satsuki Yoshino. The series is published monthly in Shonen GanGan, and currently has up five volumes. Despite it being a spin-off series, the manga has sold over 1.6 million copies. Sei Handa is a high school student who does calligraphy. Though he is well-liked and quite popular, he misunderstands a lot of situations, and ends up feeling he doesn’t fit in. The friends he surrounds himself with are classmates who are rather dark. The series is a dark comedy that takes a closer look into the issues and drama that high school students have to deal with.

     The new anime visuals that have been released is an image that includes a group of characters that show up in the series. With a clear blue sky in the back of Handa-kun, you can see a group of classmates admiring him. This is one of many situations where Handa-kun misinterprets a situation and gets the wrong impression.

     Plus, we get an exclusive look into each of the characters’ in setting images and in full color. We get to see not only Handa-kun, but also Takao Kawafuji, his one and only close friend, Junichi Aizawa, an honor student, Reo Nikaido, the model, Akane Tsutsui, who’s always quick to get in a fight, and Yukio Kondo, the one with common sense.

     Sei Handa 
     handakun_20160502_04 handakun_20160502_03
     2nd year student in high school. Occupation : Japanese Calligrapher. A pessimist who’s always putting himself down, and immediately thinks people hate him, even when just people simply glance at him.

     ●Takao Kawafuji
     handakun_20160502_06 handakun_20160502_05
     2nd year student in high school. Friends with Handa since they were in middle school, and is Handa’s closest and only friend. A social butterfly.

     Junichi Aizawa
     handakun_20160502_08 handakun_20160502_07
     2nd year student in high school. An honor student who is determined to become the class president.

     Reo Nikaido 
     handakun_20160502_02 handakun_20160502_01
     2nd year student in high school. A popular model who’s always bragging about how everyone knows him.

     Akane Tsutsui
     handakun_20160502_10 handakun_20160502_09
     2nd year student in high school. Intimidating and physically strong.

     Yukio Kondo
     handakun_20160502_12 handakun_20160502_11
     2nd year student in high school. Pretty much your average high school student, and the only one with common sense.

     The TV anime series is scheduled to start broadcast in July on TBS, BS-TBS and other channels. Make sure to check out the series and see how each character is portrayed in animation form. You won’t want to miss this new 2016 addition to the anime world.

     Details :

     TV anime series ‘Handa-kun’ – Brand New 2016 Anime

     On Air : scheduled for broadcast on July 2016 on TBSBS-TBS and other channels.

     Website : http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/handaanime/
     Twitter : @handaanime

     Staff :
     Original work :  Satsuki Yoshino

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