Atsuko Asano’s baseball classic ‘Battery’ starts Anime debut in July 2016 on Noitamina

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Kouki Uchiyama as Takumi Harada and Yu Hatanaka as Tsuyoshi Nagakura

Ⓒ2016 Atsuko Asano・Kadokawa/Battery Anime Production Committee

Battery, the short novel about a youth baseball team, is an original work by Atsuko Asano. It is very popular and the
total number in print is about 10 million. Twenty years after the publication, it is set to become a TV animation to begin broadcast in Japan. It will begin in July 2016, on Fuji TV’s  Noitamina and its affiliates.

     The direction and screenplay are by Tomomi Mochizuki (I Can Hear The Sea), and character designs are by  popular manga artist Takako Shimura (Wandering Son). Animation character design is by Eikyo Kusama (Haikyu!! animation director), who is also in the role of chief animation director. Furthermore, the wonderful music is by Akira Senju (TV Drama Miseinen). Animation production is by an energetic Zero G studio. The youth baseball drama depicted by Atsuko Asano has been passionately and delicately realized by a wonderful and experienced staff.

     Now in this feature, special illustrations by character designer Eikyo Kusama have been released. Have a look at what is to come in June.

     Special illustrations (From left Takumi Harada, Tsuyoshi Nagakura)

     battery20160317_002_takumi battery20160317_003_go
     *Click to enlarge the image.

     In the casting of the voices, the main character pair have been announced. Kouki Uchiyama will play Takumi Harada, who is a genius pitcher, and Yu Hatanaka plays Tsuyoshi Nagakura, who is the catching partner of Takumi Harada. Together the pitcher and catcher form the battery in baseball.

     Moreover, a teaser PV has also been released from the official site ( One can experience the dramatic music and charming character voices along with the wonderful footage.

     Teaser PV 

     In addition, let us have a look at the official comments that we have received from the main staff and cast.

     Original Creator: Atsuko Asano    
     It has been 20 years since ‘Battery’ has been released. After 20 years, it will freshly meet the
world of animation. I am deeply moved by this. When the first book was out, I secretly prayed that the book would be read for a long time so that the readers would always remember the young boy, Takumi Harada. I feel that the wish has paid off well. Battery does not allow me to forget my fights I had when I was 10 years old. This history is the root of one of my main writing sources.

     Director/Screenplay: Tomomi Mochizuki 
     Well, the original work is very popular and we are working out how to not harm the image that the fans have in their minds. The characters look pretty good, huh? The location was Okayama prefecture and it was great fun working on the show. I hope that the atmosphere of the original is reflected in the production.

     Character Design Concepts: Takako Shimura     
     Battery has been gloriously entertaining audiences for the last 20 years. This work has been 
transformed into a different media, and has received lots of love and affection from fans. Everyone is clearly imbued with respective emotional attachment to the images of the characters. I feel that it’s an honor and at the same time, a little scary to work on the show! We hope you support the new Battery animation.

     Music: Senju Akira  
     Battery has been loved by many people over a long period of time. In the music from one youth scene, I was looking for a feeling that would captivate the audience. The music is like an atmosphere that is naturally flowing in the work. It does not stand out and it is not at all gaudy, but it is very bright.

     Takumi Harada performed by Kouki Uchiyama  
     I am excited about this two-year Noitamina project. First ping-pong, and now it is baseball for me. I am
playing Takumi Harada. He is an isolated genius. How does he change after meeting Tsuyoshi? I am very pleased to be able to work again with the fascinating cast and staff members. Stay tuned for the excitement.

     Tsuyoshi  Nagakura performed by Yu Hatanaka     
     There were a lot of emotions such as excitement and anxiety about my initial dialogs with Uchiyama,
but now I’m back to my old self. However, while facing Takumi, standing on top of the mound 18.44 meter awayTsuyoshi will undoubtedly have to get grip of the ball. I want to stay close to Uchiyama, so I can learn some tricks. I will properly capture the ball and will show him. I am looking forward to seeing Battery myself.

     Details :

     Battery – Anime TV Premiere
     Starts BroadcastJuly 2016 on Fuji TV’s Noitamina block

     Staff : 
     Original CreatorAtsuko AsanoKadokawa Publishing 
     DirectorScriptTomomi Mochizuki 
     Character Design ConceptsTakako Shimura 
     Animation Character DesignGeneral Animation
Eikyo Kusama 
MusicAkira Senju 
     Animation ProductionZero G

     Takumi HaradaKouki Uchiyama 
     Tsuyoshi NagakuraYu Hatanaka
            and more

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