‘Magi : The Adventures of Sinbad’ announces new TV Anime’s Ending Theme Music

2016.02.25 <PASH! PLUS+>

'Fujifabric' comes at us after 2 years with the song 'Polaris'

ⒸShinobu Ootaka・Yoshifumi Oodera/ Shogakukan・AOS PROJECT

     The ending theme music for new TV anime, Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad
, will become Fujifabric’s single Polaris.

     The brand new anime will be
feature debut in the BS-TBS Animeism programming block on MBS, TBS, CBC starting from April 15, 2016.

     Fujifabric released two mini-albums last year, to celebrate 10 years since their debut. However, it’s actually been two years since they released a new single.

     ●Fujifabric – band comments

     The Polaris star is part of the Big Dipper constellation – a Northern Star whose position does not change with the seasons, and one that vital to ancient travelers. Polaris is a star for those who tend to head toward their dreams.

     We hope this dream compass song can also guide people back from difficulties. And we ourselves hope to gain the courage of Sinbad.

     We’ll be able to experience the song at the end of the show’s premiere on April 15.

     Details :

     ■Fujifabric’s single ‘Polaris’Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad – ending theme song

     Release: May 11, 2016 (Wednesday)
     Limited Edition CD + DVD 500 yen + tax
     Standard Edition CD 1,000 yen + tax
     Limited CD+DVD(‘Magi : Sinbad no Bouken’exclusive package)       1,300 yen + tax

     ■Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad

     On Air : April 15, 2016 (Friday) on MBS, TBS, CBC during BS-TBS ‘Animeism’ times

     Original : Shinobu Ohtaka・Yoshifumi Ohtera(Shogakukan ‘Manga-one’ Weekly series) 

     Director : Yoshikazu Miyao (
     Series Structure, Script : Taku Kishimoto

     Character design and Chief Animation director : Sako Soichiro 

     Concept design : BARNSTORM DESIGN LABO, Toshinari Tanaka,  Kio Edamatsu, Hiroyuki Ohyama
     Jin creature design : Takashi Tomioka 

     Color design : Reiko  Iwasawa

     Art Director : Takashi Aoi
     Director of Photography : Kenta Sou

     Edit : Tsuyoshi Sadamatsu

     Acoustic Director : Iida Satoki

     Music : Tomohiro  Okubo

     Animation : 

     Sinbad : Ono Daisuke 

     Drakon : Sugita Tomokazu

     Jarfal : Sakurai Takahiro 

     Hinahoho : Fujiwara Keiji

     Yunan : Ishida Akira

     Badr : Konishi Katsuyuki 
     Esra : Hikasa Yoko
     Serendine : Kayano Ai

     Barbarossa : Koyasu Takehito

     Baal : Tochi Hiroki

     Another popular ‘Magi’ adventure begins.

     These adventures of Sinbad go back 30 years into the
annals of ‘Magi’ stories. Later known as ‘Overlord of Nanami’, the young Sinbad grows through many encounters on his quest to reach the king.

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