‘Kizumonogatari – Nekketsu 2′ To Be Released Nationwide On August 19

2016.06.29 <PASH! PLUS+>

New characters featuring Irino Miyu, Ebara Masashi, and Ootsuka Houchuu

©Isin Nishio/Kodansha Aniplex/Shaft

     Following the huge success of part 1 of the film production of Kizumonogatari Nekketsu 1, Part 2 will be on the big screen from August 19, 2016 at 117 theaters throughout Japan.

     In Part 2, the main character, Koyomi Araragi finally reawakens as a vampire. The film unfolds in vivid and violent form, with Koyomi extracting revenge on the three people standing in his way.

     ↓The recently released promotional video is clipped below!

In addition, the cast of three vampire hunters who fight Koyomi have been announced: Irino Miyu as Episode, Ebara Masashi as Dramaturgy, and Ootsuka Houchuu will be playing Guillotine Cutter.

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     Finally, the all-important information about advance ticketing was also announced. The Part 2 advance nationwide tickets  are illustrated with drawings by Hideyuki Morioka who was charged with character design for the film. And there are special present items that are particular to each sales outlet. Don’t miss this special opportunity.


     Kizumonogatari <Nekketsu 2>

     In Theaters : Nationwide roadshow starts from August 19, 2016

     URL :http://www.kizumonogatari-movie.com/

     Staff :
     Original Work : Isin Nishio ‘Kizumonogatari’ (Kodansha Box)
     Managing Director : Akiyuki Shinbo
     Director : Tatsuya Oishi
     Character Design : Akio Watanabe/Hideyuki Morioka
     Sound Director : Yota Tsuruoka
     Music : Satoru Kōsaki
     Animation : Shaft

     Csat :
     Koyomi Araragi : Hiroshi Kamiya
     Kissshot Acerolaorion Heartunderblade : Maaya Sakamoto
     Hanekawa Tsubasa : Yui Horie
     Oshino Meme : Takahiro Sakurai
     Episode : Irino Miyu
     Dramaturgy : Ebara Masashi
     Guillotine Cutter : Ootsuka Houchuu

     Advance ticket information :
     Nationwide common advance second sale~
     Release date : July 1 (Fri)
     Price : 1,300 yen
     Venue : Selected theaters nationwide
     Not available at some theaters. Check official website for details.
     Advance ticket present : limited edition clear file

     kizu2goods_clearfile_omote_20160629 kizu2goods_clearfile_ura_20160629

     ▼Mobi Ticket


      ▼Paper Ticket


      ticket bundle with special original goods
     Release date : During sale
     Price : 3,120 yen (Including tax)
     Product name : Amazon limited B2 fabric poster with advance movie ticket

     ◇ Lawson
     Release date : July 1 (Fri)
     Price : 2,380 yen (including tax)
     Product name : Loppi limited  ‘Kizumonogatari <Nekketsu 2>’ pin badge set with advance movie ticket


     ◆Seven Eleven
Release date : July 4 (Mon)
     Price : 2,800 yen (including tax)
     Product name : Seven Eleven limited ‘Kizumonogatari <Nekketsu 2>’ limited designed mug with advance movie ticket
     マグカップ マグカップ

     Release date : July 7(Thur)
     Price : 1,732 yen (including tax)
     Product name : Animate, Gamers limited script style notebook with advance movie ticket


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