‘A Silent Voice’ – Animation Film’s Theme Song will be Sung by Aiko

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     It was recently announced that Aiko has been chosen to sing the theme song for the movie, A Silent Voice.

Aiko has openly shared her love of reading manga, and has even been a huge fan of the manga series A Silent Voice. The last time she sang a theme song, was for a movie that was released in 2015 called ‘Senpai to Kanojo.’ Plus, the last time she sang the theme song for an animation project was back in 2005 for ‘One Stormy Night.’

     Make sure to check out some exciting comments from Aiko!


     When I first got the offer to sing the theme song for ‘A Silent Voice’, I was completely blown away. I loved reading the manga series, and I got so into the series, I once actually talked about the whole 1st volume at one of my concerts. And so, not only am I absolutely thrilled for this wonderful opportunity, but I also want to sing a song that will connect me closely to this film. Recently, I’ve been so pumped and giving my all, and it does gets tiring, but I’m so happy to be able to do this. Thank you so much! Ahhhhhh! Yayyy! Sorry, I can’t contain my excitement, but I hope you will all love it, too.

     More details are coming your way, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

     Details :

     ‘A Silent Voice’ Animation Movie

Roadshow :  September 9th, 2016, at Shinjuku Piccadilly and other Roadshow viewing will be available nationwide.
     Website :  http://koenokatachi-movie.com
     Twitter :  @koenokatachi_M

     Staff :
     Original Work : ’A Silent Voice’ Yoshitoki Ohima (Kodansha Comics)
     Director : Naoko Yamada
     Writing the script : Reiko Yoshida
     Designing the characters : Futoshi Nishimiya
     Art Director : Mutsuo Shinohara
     Color Key : Naomi Ishida
     Setting : Seiichi Akitake
     Director of Photography : Kazuya Takao
     Sound Director : Yota Tsuruoka
     Music : Kensuke Ushio
     Music Production : PonyCanyon
     Theme song by : aiko
     Animation Production : Kyoto Animation
     Production : Movie A Silent Voice Production Committee
     Distributor : Matsutake

     Cast :
     Shouya Ishida : Miyu Irino
     Shouko Nishimiya : Saori Hayami

     Story :
     Meet Shoya Ishida. He’s known as the leader and main bully at the elementary and hates being bored. But one day, everything changes when a new girl named Shoko Nishimiya transfers to his class. Shoya is intrigued by her, and suddenly his days of boredom slowly fade away.

     But a certain incident involving Shoko, leads Shoya to become completely closed off from everyone around him. Five years later, they are both now at different schools and a lot has changed since then.

     Ever since that ‘incident’, Shoya has closed off his heart until one day, Shoko unexpectedly comes back into his life. This is about a story of a boy, a girl, and those around them who wish to be accepted, especially by themselves.

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