‘A Silent Voice’ (Koe no Katachi) is coming to theaters on September 17th, 2016

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'A Silent Voice' Part 1 teaser visuals and an exclusive clip is also here

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Ōima’s manga series, A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) has continued to be published in Weekly Shonen Magazine and has even received many prizes. This best-selling comic series has won the Japan Academy Award Excellence Award, such as for its movie K-ON!, and it doesn’t end there. Kyoto Animation is now coming out with the new animated movie A Silent Voice Movie and it will be playing nationwide.

     Mark your calendars because the movie will be released on September 17th, 2016,  and its first teaser visual and exclusive video clip has finally been released. Plus, information about plot and character design has also been announced.

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      The script was written by Reiko Yoshida, who wrote popular screenplays like Girls and Panzer and even did a collaboration project with K-ON! called, TamakoLove Story. The characters will be designed by Futoshi Nishiya, who is part of Kyoto animation, and has done projects such as, Ices (2012), TV series Free! (2013-2014), and High speed!! Free Starting Days -Movie (2015). 

     Keep an eye out for more details.

     A Silent Voice -Movie/ Koe no Katachi -Movie

     Road show : Nationwide Roadshow in Shinjuku Piccadilly from September 17th, 2016
     Website : http: //koenokatachi-movie.com
     Twitter : @koenokatachi_M

     Staff and Cast :
     Original : ‘A Silent Voice: Koe no katachi’ Yoshitoki Ōima (Kodansha Comics published)
     Director : Naoko YamadaScreenplay: Reiko Yoshida
     Character design : Futoshi Nishiya
     Animation : Kyoto Animation
     Production : Production Committee of Koe no Katachi
     Distribution : Shochiku

    Story :
     Shoya Ishida is a boy who hates more than anything, things that make him bored. An elementary school student, he is a bully but can’t help but be drawn to Shoko Nishimiya, a girl who has newly transferred to his school. The day she came to the school, was also the day his days were no longer filled with boredom.

     But after an incident involving Shoko, Shoya begins to distance himself from everyone. Five years later, they both attend different high schools and go through different experiences and grow up in their separate environments.

     Ever since that ‘incident,’  Shoya has closed off his heart until one day, Shoko comes back into his life. This is the story about a boy, a girl and those around them who wish to be accepted.

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