Top 10 animes which were actually interesting to watch!


The 2nd place went to Attack on Titan, and the 1st place went to…?

We have asked PASH!+ readers ‘Which anime was actually interesting to watch?’ on Japanese article. Here are top 10 animes which have collected many votes!

10th: “SAKURA QUEST” 20 votes


9th: “My Hero Academia” 22 votes


8th: “Alice & Zouroku” 23 votes


7th: “Tsuki ga Kirei (as the moon, so beautiful.)” 30 votes


6th: “Natsume’s Book of Friends 6” 34 votes


6th: “Re:CREATORS” 34 votes


5th: “Kado: The Right Answer” 35 votes


4th: “Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor” 38 votes


3rd: “The Loyal Tutor” 45 votes


2nd: “Attack on Titan Season 2” 49 votes


1st: “Eromanga Sensei” 58 votes


*Total answered: 589 people (Women: 311, Men: 270, non-response: 8)

Average age of all respondents: 24.7


Were there titles of your favorite anime? If there were any titles which you got interested, let’s check them!