Anime ‘D. Gray-man Hallow’ Dictionary of Terms is Now Available to All

2016.07.16 <PASH! PLUS+>

Learn about D. Gray's intricate terminology

©Kei Hoshino/Shueisha・D.Gray-man Production Committee

     This is for all the hardcore fans of D. Gray-man Hallow. Now you have the chance to learn all the terms you need to know to truly become the expert to experience the unique world of D. Gray-man.

     Akuma (devil)
They are the slaughter weapons created by the millennium earls, combining the souls of the deceased and machinery. Confirmed levels of Akuma are 1 to 4.

     They are a total of 109 substances with mysterious power. They are also referred to as ‘Kami No Kesshou’ (Crystal of God).

     Come into existence once they are synchronized with Innocence. They are the clergymen belonging to the Black Order and specialize in finding ways to destroy Akuma.

     The Black Order
     Anti-Akuma organization. In addition to the Exorcists like Allen, the organization also has members from the chemical group and search squad etc.

     Millennium Earl
His main goal is to eradicate all Innocence and intends to lead the world to the end. He is the ringleader who created the Akuma.

     Dark Matter
The dark matter are the substances of the Akuma. It is the polar opposite of Innocence.

     Noah Family
     The mysterious family that works along with the Millennium Earl. They are thirteen humans that inherited the gene of the mankind’s oldest apostle ‘Noah.’

     It is the source of nuclear power of Innocence. If the Heart is destroyed, all the Innocence would shatter along with it.

      The clan that records the ‘hidden history’ of the world. Lavi is the successor of the bookman. His presence is originally neutral.

     Rose Cross
     The crest of the cross that is attached to the uniform of the Black Order. If you have this crest attached, you can enter anywhere.

     (Excerpt from PASH! August issue.)


     Anime ‘D. Gray-man Hallow’ Dictionary of Terms

     On Air : TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi / Every Monday from 1:35am~, BS Japan / Every Tuesday at 12:35am~.

     Website :
     Twitter : @dgrayman_anime

     Staff :
     Original work : Kei Hoshino (Shueisha ‘Jump SQ. CROWN’ series)
     Director :  Yoshiharu Ashino
     Screenwriter : Michiko Yokote, Tatsuhito Higuchi, Kenichi Yamashita 
     Character Design・Chief animation director : Yosuke Kabashima
     Design Works :  Yasuhiro Moriki
     Art Setting : Hitoshi Fujii
     Art Director :  Kai Masatoshi 
     Color Design :  Aya Suenaga
     Cinematographer :  Mitsutoshi Kane 
     Editor :  Tomoki Nagasaka 
     Music : Kaoru Wada
     Music Director :  Takeshi Takatera
     Animation :  TMS Entertainment 
     Producer :  D.Gray-man Production Committee

     Cast :
     Allen Walker : Ayumu Murase
     Yu Kanada : Takuya Sato
     Lavi : Natsuki Hanae
     Lenalee Lee : Ai Kakuma
     Howard Link : Shinnosuke Tachibana
     Arystar Krory : Noriyaki Sugiyama
     Miranda Lotto : Ami Koshimizu
     Bookman : Hochu Otsuka、
     The Millennium Earl : Yutaka Aoyama
     Tyki Mikk : Masakazu Nishida
     Road Kamelot : Yui Kondo
     Wisely : Soichiro Hoshi
     Alma Karma : Ryota Asari
     Komui Lee : Go Inoue
     Reever Wenham : Tomokazu Sugita
     Johnny Gill : Mitsuhiro Ichiki
     Malcom C. Rouvelier : Toru Okawa
     Cross Marian : Hiroki Tochu
     Madarao : Takuya Eguchi
     Tokusa : Soma Saito
     Tewaku : Rie Suegara
     and more. . .

     Website :
     Twitter :  @dgrayman_anime 


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