‘Yuri!!! on Ice’ Questions and Answers by Mitsurō Kubo ~Extra Edition~


Introducing some non-published comments on PASH! for December♪

We have specially featured ‘Yuri!!! on ICE’ on PASH! for December. However, some comments on questions and answers by Mitsurō Kubo could not be on article, so we are introducing them on PASH! PLUS as extra edition! We have questioned about mystery in the anime, secret story of making the anime, and Ms. Kubo’s enthusiasm towards the anime and figure skating. Fans, you can’t miss this!

Q.What are those letters?

A.Titles in the A part and some calligraphic writings of sound effects are done by me.


Q.About that character

A.Minami-kun was drawn with the image from anime “Mister Ajikko”. His image is very ‘manga-ish’ character.


Q.Did you get influenced by going to location hunting?

A.By looking up into small things, for example I drew some people in the anime, like ‘granny who was picking up his grandson’, which I really saw at a city in Russia.


Q.What is your best memory of location hunting?

A.I was on a same airplane to Russia with Takahiko Kozuka (famous skater in Japan), and I knew him since I was keeping on contact with him on internet. But I was hiding from him because my purpose of trip was to collecting data of figure skating, but not to befriend with him. In the end, I found him at souvenir shop after the competition, and I couldn’t hold myself to chat with him (laugh).


Q.What is the attractiveness of figure skate

A.I think the first thing I can tell is that ‘you can feel who is the strong player, whether you understand the rules of figure skate or not’.

I started to collect data after the Sochi Olympics, but I noticed that I didn’t know how well the top players such as Daisuke Takahashi and Nobunari Oda were playing and challenging in the competitions. It’s amazing that we can actually enjoy watching them even without knowing rules, and it made me feel that figure skate is a sport which attracts wide ranges of people.

I felt bucked up by seeing friendships of players and bond between player and coach. Add to that, many famous players of figure skate are speaking on SNS, and we can presume their private scenes and how they are enjoying in overseas.
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Q.What is your wish within the anime?

A.I hope this anime will be a first trigger to knowing some players and enjoying all sports, including some not well-known sports.