Anime ‘Chronicle of Isobe’ is out with Cast Reflections on New Animation

2015.12.08 <PASH! PLUS+>

Messages from Daiki Yamashita, Ayumu Murase and other cast and production members

© Ryou Nakama /Shueisha Publishing Company, Isomame Magistrate’s office

     Final recording of the advanced animation project, Chronicle of Isobe is complete and the five main cast members and the director have shared their thoughts.

Daiki Yamashita (Isobee Isobe)
: “Since these are short stories of about 30 seconds, they’re easy to watch. Please feel the essence, without thinking too much.”

Ayumu Murase
Nakajima Jun): It’s slightly different from other Jump productions and is quite light, but we have all given it our best, and we hope the viewers experience a fresh feeling in their hearts.”

Chiaki Takahashi (Mother)
:It’s fully loaded with the “feeling of black space” and has an effective edge. It is game changing product, strongly illuminated by the culture of the Edo period. Personally, I would love to try my hand at the Ukiyoe style of gravure pictures.

akashi Matsuyama (Hiraga Gennai): The cast has performed their absolute best. In spite of playing volleyball experience in junior high and high school, I was not asked to perform in “Haikyu!!” [laughs]. However, I’m so glad I was asked to perform for “Isobe Ki Imperial Guard.”

Raiko Sakamoto (Narration): “There are many characters even in these short episodes and all the characters are highly individualistic, even the mob characters. All of General Tokugawa’s 15 brothers are memorable. (However all other cast members say: We can’t remember.)”

Director, Mankyuu: “The original comic is extremely funny. I loved it from the first read. The episodes are short but I hope to convey flowing “movement” and “rhythm” through this series. I look forward to your support.

     Murase, Takahashi, Matsuyama and Sakamoto have each performed a combination of three roles. Murase, other than playing the role of Nozomu Nakajima, also plays as Oinusama (the dog) and 6th son Ienobu. Takahashi, not only plays the role of “Mother,” but also the daughter of the dumpling seller and 3rd son Iemitsu. Matsuyama, in addition to playing Hiraga Gennai, plays 12th son Ieyoshi and the teacher. Sakamoto narrates, but also plays Tokugawa Ieyasu and 15th son Yoshinobu.

     The animation is a serialization that starts from the beginning of the original comic. We laughingly wondered what kind of animation it would lead to, and we hope you’re looking forward to finding out.

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Chronicle of Isobe – New Animation Chronicle of Isobe

: Ongoing animation project
Website: http://磯部磯兵衛.com/
Twitter: @isobee_m

Original work: Nakama Ryo (Shueisha Publishing Company “Weekly Shounen Jump”serial publication)
Director: Mankyuu
Animation production: Gathering

 Isobee Isobe: Daiki Yamashita
 Nozomi Nakajima: Ayumu Murase
 Mother: Chiaki Takahashi
 Higa gennai: Takashi Matsuyama
 Narrator: Sakamoto Raiko

Unique Edo period Ukiyoe style “gravure” pictures that have been popularized through the Weekly Shounen Jump comic is now finally animated.

During the Cherry Blossom season in Tokyo, most of the grand Samurai warriors who commute to the Bushido school are self-professed diligent youngsters of the Isobe guard. However, the road to becoming a grand samurai is hard for those of insincere character. Isobe could play center stage as the curtain rises on daily Tokyo life during the Edo period.

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